Monday, March 9th, 2020

Over coffee at CL’s, Amanda tells Nate how relieved she is that Ripley’s been arrested. Yes, she slept well last night despite the storm.

Blanket around her shoulders, Vikki’s also relieved. Updating that Nick’s temporarily taking over for her, not Adam, Nikki’s surprised when Billy calls; even more surprised when Vikki takes the phone and invites him out to the ranch.

As Mariah packs up her bag for chemo, Sharon worries she won’t be well enough to continue the treatment. When Rey arrives, Sharon’s in a hurry to leave. Rough night? he discreetly asks Mariah.

Devon and Elena are giving each other credit for the clinic and about to go treat Jared’s grandfather when the teenager runs in with an emergency. His grandfather needs help! All three file out of the building.

Concerned that Amanda’s attending Ripley’s arraignment, Nate realizes he’s overstepping. Glad that she’s staying in GC, he’s telling her about Jared getting injured when trying to prevent his grandfather’s store from being robbed when he gets a text – oh no.

Don’t upset her, Nikki warns Billy as she exits the room. Vikki believes that Billy’s concerned about her – but it changes nothing.

Elena and Devon bring Jared back to the clinic to lock up. Nate’s with his Jared’s grandfather and will keep posted when they get to GCM. It’ll be OK, they reassure – let’s go.

Rey and Sharon return to tell Mariah that chemo’s postponed until Sharon’s white blood cell count is back up. Assured that he doesn’t need to take the day off work due to this ‘speed bump’, Rey leaves Mariah to make tea while Sharon has a moment to herself to worry.

Vikki only invited Billy to the ranch so she can blast him for breaking her trust and her heart – again. I’m broken and that’s on you!

Served a tray with tea and something to eat, Sharon shrugs off her disappointment and gets Mariah to confide that Tessa came home to catch her cheating (likely handing her over to Tanner on a silver platter) Go apologize to her, Sharon’s sure everything will be OK ~hug~