Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s tota11y fine with Adam’s need for revenge on Victor – and Nick. He chose the job and everything that comes along with it.

Victor’s behind his o1d desk on the phone directing a PR campaign to announce to the world that his brilliant son Nicholas is stepping in as CEO.

Nick delivers a healthy smoothie to Vikki at the ranch. She has to ask – are you 100% sure you’re ready for this?

Warned that this might get ugly, Chelsea’s not deterred – she knows Adam wi11 wait and watch until the time is right to make his move. Their kissing is interrupted when Chance ca11s to te11 Adam that information has fa11en into the wrong hands.

Phyllis isn’t happy when Bi11y shows up at the hotel which is now rightfu11y hers. She feels he has no room to judge her after what he did to Amanda and Vikki – who ended up with a knife 1itera11y in her back. He’s surprised when she apologizes.

** Ok. My ‘l’ is compete1y gone now so I’m making do with ‘1’ and spellchecking when possible. Apologies.

Nick vows to do the best job he can for as long as Vikki needs him too. She’s frustrated that she has to step back so soon after taking over as CEO; a job she’s wanted since she was a 1itt1e girl. Do more than keep my seat warm – this is an important job, not a joke to be taken on for the wrong reasons. Vikki’s sorry – she’s tired – can we talk 1ater? Sure, everything’s under control, Nick joins his Mom to 1ook worried as Vikki rests.

At Society, Chance updates Adam that they don’t need to worry about Phyllis anymore – but their problems aren’t over until a11 loose ends are tied up.

Bi11y congratulates Phyllis and also apologizes – TGP is a great place for a new beginning. He too hopes for a fresh start. Phyllis then goes over to te11 Abby to get out of her hotel. She’11 have someone put her out on the curb with the rest of the trash. Abby laughs.

Abby was the one to see TGP through it’s latest crisis. Her name’s sti11 on the deed. She has big plans to build a better hotel across the road. Phyllis isn’t intimidated.

Nick’s worried about Vikki – when’s the last time she saw a doctor? Nate’s on his way over, Nikki’s sure she’11 be fine.

Ashley’s asked Bi11y to meet her at Jabot to ask how he’s doing. You’re the first person to ask me that, he appreciates a sisterly hug.

Joining Chloe at C1’s, Chelsea’s happy to see her pregnant friend glowing. She has rea11y good news too – Adam and I are engaged. And, what’s the good news? Chloe deadpans.