Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Billy and Amanda exchange pleasantries in TGP lobby for a few minutes until she needs to get going. Wait, there’s something Billy needs to know.

Chelsea and Adam have brought Connor to the bed and breakfast they stayed in after they got married. Connor wishes they could stay at the farm. Adam does too – we’ll just have to make the best of it.

Phyllis drops by Newman to congratulate Nick for making the right call. Nick thinks he did (but convinces neither of them)

Operation faux Phyllis is officially underway. Chance warns this is felony fraud if someone at the bank realizes Abby’s impersonating Phyllis. That woman needs to be stopped, Abby’s adamant – today.

Nate bumps into Jared at CL’s. He can’t guarantee his grandfather will make it but insists he joins him for breakfast to chat.

Billy hopes Amanda’s telling the truth when she says she’s ‘good’, not politely getting rid of him. Amanda has good news; Ripley pled guilty. A friend talked her out of attending the arraignment. Billy’s glad she has someone to talk to. Yes, he saw Vikki – she’s mad at me but being well taken care of. She’s a fighter, not one to look back. What do you see when you look ahead? Amanda asks.

** I found a chromebook. It has a functioning ‘l’. It’s a pretty tiny keyboard but we’ll see how it goes.

At Jabot with Jack, Jill has a plan to get Billy to accept her job offer at Chancellor.

Nick’s not second-guessing his decision. But Phyllis can see he’s not excited about his Dad micromanaging him or being on Adam’s hit list. If Nick needs to vent to someone, is she a yes? Please do that a yes, she purrs.

Abby’s got her wardrobe and wig. Chance has got a forgery of Phyllis’ passport. Abby’s sure she can pull this off – right down to the signature, Up for some role play? Always, she snaps.

Billy had an epiphany this morning – he knows what he needs to do next. Don’t worry about me. OK, Amanda walks off then returns to aks if he’d like to go get a cup of coffee – as friends. That’d be great, Billy agrees.

Now that Jack’s in on her plan, all Jill needs is for him to guide Billy in the right direction when he turns to him for advice. Now, she leaves to put phase two of her plan into action.

Nate learns that Jared didn’t graduate but dropped out of school when 18 to live and work with his grandfather. Jared bristles at the questions; with all due respect, you can’t know where I’m coming from. Amanda appears to say she does; she grew up in the foster system too. Nate realizes he has a lot to learn about her.

Enacting how their plan might play out, Abby (as Phyllis) has little trouble talking Chance (the banker) into accessing the safety deposit box she needs access to.