Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Jack’s delighted when Traci unexpectedly drops by his office. How is everybody? Ashley, Abby and Kyle are doing well and there’s even good news about Billy.

You want me to partner with Lily? Billy points outs out that she doesn’t even live in GC. Lily also needs more info before committing to the job. Billy thinks two people starting a division together could be complicated. Jill is adamant that they both take the job or neither.

In his suite at TGP, Chance is amazed; Abby’s a dead ringer for Phyllis but no, he doesn’t prefer her this way. Phyllis knocks at the door – Let me in or I use my owners key. 5,4,3…..

At CL’s, Elena’s telling Devon that she doesn’t have an update from Nate on Jared’s grandpa when Nate calls. What do you mean? she’s alarmed.

Nikki scolds Vikki for taking Reed to the airport. It was nice having all the kids here, safe, Vikki muses. Nikki understands – she wants her daughter to be safe. Vikki will get there eventually.

Finding Sharon packing up, Rey says there’s no need to rush. After skipping a treatment, Sharon wants to get there early. Nick drops by with her old MP3 player, full of her favourite songs. After a hug, Sharon follows Nick (with her bag) to the door.

Abby’s in hiding when Chance lets Phyllis in to blast him for violating her personal space and stealing. What’s stopping me from making that incriminating recording public??

Having some errands to run, Nikki’s worried by Vikki’s depressed mood.

Back at the estate, Lily tells Billy that she’d never give up her work with released inmates but she can manage it from GC and tie in her work for Chancellor. She misses GC and wants this gig. If Billy’s not onboard, she can tell Jill he’s not interested.

Nate, Amanda and Jared rejoin Devon and Elena at CL’s. All are sorry his grandpa’s gone. Jared knows Dr Hastings did all he could. Amanda sits him down – tell me about your grandpa. A sniffling Jared is soon smiling as he talks about how good his grandpa was at dominos.

As Nick’s updating Victor at Newman, Nikki arrives to discuss Vikki being despondent. She needs someone objective to talk to – like Sharon. Victor chortles – that’s preposterous.

Abby continues to eavesdrop as Phyllis tells Chance that he can do better – I’m not talking about me stud. Abby will bring you down, dump her for someone worthy. She’s beautiful and smart, Chance defends. Heading for the door, Phyllis will leave Chance to think about whether tomorrow’s headlines will be about him. Wait, Chance stops her.