Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Back at the estate, Billy slows things down – we’ve known each other for a long time. Lily agrees – and yes, she does want this job. Billy’s been thinking of what he could do with this new division and now has to ‘share his marbles’. Lily can relate – then lists her qualifications. Can we make this work? Billy’s not sure and it quickly becomes apparent that he and Lily have different management styles.

At Jabot, Jack updates Traci on Jill’s plan to have Billy and Lily work together. On cue, Billy texts Jack wanting to talk – and Lily texts Traci.

Nikki pitches her idea to Victor – surely Sharon would rather talk to someone she knows than a stranger – and didn’t you enlist her to help you with Adam? When Nick sides with his Mom it’s two against one, but Victor reminds that they need to ask Vikki what she thinks.

As Jared continues to bond with Amanda, Nate, Devon and Elena return to offer him a place to stay. Jared gets emotional – he doesn’t need a place to stay. Amanda summons everyone to the patio to say they’re being tone-deaf. Understand where this kid’s coming from. He’s scared and overwhelmed. If we come on too strong it won’t end well.

Chance knows Phyllis won’t be satisfied by going public without getting nothing in return. I should hold off on something bigger on you and Adam? Phyllis will keep this nugget in the palm of her hand because she likes Chance. Before leaving, she again advises him to dump Abby. As soon as Phyllis leaves Abby comes out more determined than ever.

Meeting at Society, Lily and Traci hug and immediately get into Jill’s job offer and how it might be to work with Billy again. He took too many risks. We’re approaching this from two different angles, Lily wonders if she should stay where she is and play it safe.

Sharon’s glad she was able to do chemo but exhausted. Rey’s impressed by how she’s handling it. Nikki appears – bad time? It is – can you come back later? Rey asks. Sorry, no – this is important, Vikki needs you, Nikki announces.

Sharon’s not sure she’s qualified to treat Vikki. You may never be best friends but what you went through with JT gives you a foundation. Nikki appreciates Sharon being willing to think about it. After she leaves, Rey thinks the distraction might be a Godsend. You’re a Godsend, Sharon smiles.

Billy shows up at Jabot for advice from Jack (who thinks he should turn down the offer) If the job’s not 100% what you want, walk away. Billy suspects his brother’s using reverse psychology. Don’t ask me, ask yourself, Jack suggests.

Knowing that she and Billy are very different people, Lily’s not sure they can work together. Traci thinks they both bring something special to the table.

Jack wants Billy to make a choice that HE can defend.

Traci thinks Lily’s the kind of person Billy needs right now – don’t focus on the negative; think about the possibilities.

When Amanda insists they need to go slowly with Jared, Devon wonders how she knew he was in the foster care system. She did her due diligence – game recognizes game; yes, she was in the system too. Devon feels bad that he didn’t recognize the signs and wants to press forward. Unfortunately, Jared’s gone by the time they all go inside.

Back at Chance’s suite, Abby ditches the wig – blondes really do have more fun. Since Chance is so grateful, she has an idea to make it up to her ~kiss~

Billy and Lily return to the estate at the same time to give Jill their decisions. Lily has reservations but thinks she and Billy can make this partnership work. Billy likes a good battle and can’t think of anyone he’d rather be in the trenches with besides Lily.

Sharon goes upstairs to rest and think about what to do about Vikki.

Nick calls Rey to announce that he needs to make a quick trip to Chicago – he has a problem with Faith that he needs Rey’s help with.