Friday, March 13th, 2020

Sharon surprises Vikki with a visit and a lemon cake. Invited to pour herself a cup of tea, she admits that Nikki’s worried and thinks she can help.

Claiming that she doesn’t have to go to school, Faith comes down in her jammies. Informing that Sharon’s gone out, Rey’s made breakfast – after that, we can talk about what you’ve been up to at school. Faith looks worried.

Adam returns to the bed and breakfast after his run. Connor’s resting but don’t get any ideas – Chelsea’s loving this relaxed version of Adam. He ran into an old friend from kindergarten; Melissa. Chelsea looks forward to meeting her and hearing childhood stories.

Eager for the jet to take off, Tessa’s not happy when Tanner announces that there’s been a delay. Mariah appears.

Turn around and walk out that door, Tessa chokes up. All you have to do is listen, Tanner leaves the ladies to talk. Mariah’s so sorry – she didn’t realize how much she’d miss Tessa. We’ve barely spoken. When I text you, Tanner replies. It felt like you’d moved on. Tessa expresses how hurt she is; you’re the last person I expected would break my heart.

Over lemon cake, Sharon encourages Vikki to open up. She can relate somewhat to what Vikki’s going through – I have cancer.

Rey confirms that Faith did the dishes then asks about her skipping school and being disrespectful to her guidance counselor. Your Mother having cancer doesn’t give you a pass to do whatever you want. He and Nick have decided not to tell Sharon. Relieved, Faith promises to turn things around.

Rey asks Faith how she’ll prove to him and her parents that she’s going to change her ways. Lose the snark and get ready to go. Faith does so with a little huff of protest.

Back on the jet, Mariah tells Tessa that she hasn’t seen or talked to Lyndsay since that night. I was thoughtless but we can work this out. I want to go back to who we were before I did this to us. Mariah’s been handling so much on her own – Devon shut down Power; I’ve been out of a job for weeks. Also, Sharon has breast cancer. Oh my God, Tessa’s stunned.

Sharon’s lucky to have so much support but sometimes she feels like this thing that has to be watched and handled carefully – she wishes she could be who she was before her diagnosis. Vikki won’t deny that Victor can be overbearing – but yes, the boxing lessons helped.

Pleased to meet Melissa, Chelsea asks her to sit down and tell her everything. I was the chatterbox, she reminisces – Vic, I mean Adam was the perfect audience. Melissa now covers local crime; it’s fascinating. She and Adam then talk about some animal killings decades ago – turned out it was a coyote. Then came the year our lives got turned upside down.

Vikki reflecting on her time with Billy makes Sharon think of Nick; our problems were always under the surface waiting to return. Vikki plans to move on just as Sharon has. She won’t dwell on her past while trying to get back on her feet. If you ever need to talk, Sharon offers. Vikki truly appreciates that – good luck with everything.