Monday, March 16th, 2020

Back at the estate, Lily and Billy bicker about who has more business experience and compare resumes. He then gets personal – this opportunity is all Billy has going on in his life.

When Mariah interrupts them kissing, Rey quickly leaves for the station. Without a word, Mariah runs into her Mom’s arms crying.

Lola admits that it’s hard to see Kyle and Summer together but knows they were meant to be together. We rode out the storm together the other night. Theo too? Abby’s surprised. Lola doesn’t need a man in her life just yet. She’ll never rush into a relationship again.

Theo doesn’t hate Kyle – he’s just full of himself and takes offense to my jokes. You think he’s a rich kid who doesn’t deserve what he has? Jack admits his son’s had advantages but he’s also had disappointments – like Summer. Sometimes you hurt people you never meant to hurt, Jack wants Theo to focus more on his own goals. I mean it, let it go.

Chance believes that Collin used Devon’s inheritance to launder dirty money. Jill’s aghast – yes, Collin had access to Chancellor’s account. A large sum of money was just transferred, Chance instructs Jill to talk to her accountant and attorneys. No, she won’t go to prison – Collin will once Chance catches him.

It wasn’t all a lie, Tanner confesses that he thought he and Tessa might reconnect – until he saw how much she and Mariah were in love. You can get past this pain. No, Tessa can’t.

I messed up so bad, Mariah sniffles. Sharon’s supportive – this mistake won’t define you. You’ll find happiness again. Yes, you DO deserve it. I miss her so much, Mariah must accept that it’s over and move on. She’s then surprised to get a text – a job offer that she won’t be taking. Sharon wonders why.

Lily’s in no place to judge anyone’s relationship – and she’s always nice. Billy is who he is and makes no apologies. Good for you, Lily approves.

Billy and Lily are able to agree on some things – like ordering Chinese.

Mariah can’t relocate to Chicago for a job. Sharon won’t let her pass up an opportunity because of her. Yes, it’s a good job – good money, in my wheelhouse. Think about it, leave me out of the equation, Sharon insists.

Theo drops by the kitchen to invite Lola to the New York that tourists don’t know about. Lola was thinking more of dinner and a movie – but OK, it’s a date. But we can’t leave now – Lola follows rules and puts work first. What’s really going on? she knows he didn’t rush over to ask her out on a date.

Tanner calls Mariah to invite her to their next concert. The only thing at stake is the rest of your life ~click~

Chance stops by Society to tell Abby that he has to go out of town to head off Collin. OK, she’s coming too.

Theo relays his encounter with Jack – but all the stuff with Kyle goes away when he’s with Lola. You make me want to be better. I’ve never had anyone in my life like that before. I just wanted you to know that. As Lola’s left to think, Theo leaves with a satisfied smirk.

In his suite, Kyle and Summer cuddle and reflect on how far they’ve come ~kiss~

Sitting on the floor, Billy and Lily bond over Chinese take out and their exciting new venture.