Friday, March 20th, 2020

Lily can see that Billy really wants this – and not just business; who do you want to prove yourself to? Vikki? When Billy gripes that Victor’s happily trying to keep him away from Vikki and the kids, Lily’s supportive – you have plenty of people in your corner. Present company included, Billy hopes.

When Summer pitches a photoshoot in an exotic Caribbean location, Theo’s instantly onboard. He’s serious about revamping Kyle’s birthday suit campaign – but with models instead of Mr CEO. Kyle rejects the ‘smart ass’s’ idea in favour of something new. Promising to come up with something, Theo leaves them to have a ‘private moment’. I just want to punch him, Kyle vents to Summer (who coaches him not to give Theo the satisfaction of getting to him) ~kiss~

Sharon’s at CL’s when Nikki calls looking for Vikki. I think I know where she might be.

Vikki takes a seat to tidy her desk, then pound her fist on it.

Bumping into Theo at CL’s, Summer orders him to stop needling Kyle – or she’ll make his life unpleasant. Warned not to play with fire, Theo leaves Summer to heave a sigh.

Arriving at the estate, Jill’s encouraged to see no blood’s been shed and surprises Billy and Lily with keys to their new offices (Dark Horse) Go check out your new digs, she sends the happy colleagues off.

Surprised to find his sister at Newman, Nick expresses concern. And when Nikki and Sharon arrive to do the same, Vikki snaps – just stop!

When Jack comes home, his emotional sisters say what he’s already been thinking – it’s time for Mother to come home.

Billy and Lily agree that they’ll have to ‘sage’ their new office space to get rid of the ghosts of Adam and Phyllis. Lily gets the bigger office by a coin flip. Sitting at Nick’s former desk, she thinks it only fair since she’ll be doing the heavy lifting. You think so, Billy’s amused.

Dismissed by a grumpy Kyle, Kendra leaves the boardroom looking annoyed. Theo asks how her day’s going – don’t let him get to you; he’s a bit uptight. Kendra agrees to go for a drink after work – that’d be great.

Dina will require a wheelchair and full-time assistance, Jack loves his sisters (who love him too) All are emotional as he stands to make the call.

Vikki realized on her own that she’s not ready to return to work. Today brought that home. She needs Nick to hold down the fort, Sharon’s guidance – and for her Mother to have faith that she won’t break. Thank you all – I can’t do this alone – I need your help, Vikki admits as Nikki hugs her.