Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Nate’s at the ranch to take Vikki’s blood pressure and ask how she’s eating and sleeping. In the hallway, Nikki whispers an update to Nick on the phone. Hearing that Vikki’s doing well and eager to return to work, Victor approves, Nikki, not so much.

Amanda arrives at TGP to learn that Phyllis is doing great after getting rid of some dead weight on the payroll. Confirming that Chance is still a guest, Amanda needs his help finding someone who’s gone missing.

Chelsea comes home rambling about her great meeting with Chloe. Adam’s been thinking about something she said on the flight back from Kansas. Maybe Hope and Cliff did owe Alyssa’s Dad (AJ) money, and that’s why she didn’t attend the funeral. Having called an old banker friend, Adam knows that Cliff was in financial trouble then got a large deposit into the account. It looked like he was paying a loan back until the money ran out. Cliff was probably too proud to tell Hope. Perhaps his death wasn’t an accident?

Seated in the lounge, Phyllis asks Amanda who she’s trying to track down. Just someone who’s taken on a little too much – he’s only been missing a couple of days so hopefully he’ll show up. Phyllis reminds Amanda that she has a lot to look forward to. Agreeing to a cocktail, Amanda will go upstairs to freshen up first.

Despite there being no evidence, Adam can’t rule anything when it comes to Victor. If Cliff couldn’t pay the loan, AJ might be behind his death. He knew the drunk driver who killed Cliff. And if AJ went after Hope for the money, Victor would have wanted to keep her (and a young Adam safe) Hearing that Alyssa’s on her way over, Chelsea isn’t sure it’s a good idea to involve her.

Vikki thanks Nate for coming out to put her parents’ minds at ease, then goes to make a snack. Also thanking Nate, Nikki’s worried about how tired Vikki was when she came back from the office. When Victor opines that Vikki seems OK, Nikki thinks that might be for his benefit. Concerned about Vikki emotionally, Nate wonders if she’d go back to her therapist. Victor doesn’t agree with Nikki that Sharon can help – Vikki needs to see a ‘real shrink’. Nate thinks the decision should be Vikki – but she won’t confide unless she thinks you’re open to what she has to say.

Nikki suggests sending Vikki away for a relaxing vacation – she was so overwhelmed and exhausted at the office. Coming down, Vikki rejects the idea – she wants to go back to work so her brother and parents can get on with their lives.

Adam thanks Alyssa for flying to GC on the spur of the moment. She takes out a pad and paper to take notes. Now, what’s this white-collar crime? Adam’s been trying to connect a lot of dots. Alyssa encourages him to share any info he has. Get it off your chest. Adam thinks his stepfather went to her Father for a loan. Alyssa wouldn’t be shocked (but gets all defensive when Adam shares his suspicion that her Dad had Cliff killed)

Phyllis and Amanda toast to their bright futures. Amanda has a lot of potential clients thanks to Devon but she’d rather work for someone else than open her own law firm. When Phyllis teases her about Nate, Amanda would rather discuss HER love life.

At Society, Nick shares his suspicion that Adam’s up to something. Yes, Chelsea does know him better – you know how warped and twisted Adam is – and it doesn’t bother you, Nick frowns.

Adam’s sorry to spring this on Alyssa but you wanted answers. Without facts or evidence this is character assassination and wild speculation. Wait – hear me out, Adam persists. But since he doesn’t have any sort of proof, Alyssa storms out.