Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Wow – a little overdressed, Phyllis greets Abby at TGP – costume party? You’re going as a spoiled rich kid? No, she’s not insecure. Neither’s Abby – she even told Chance he could pursue Phyllis. When Chance arrives, Phyllis quips – you look like you should be on top of a cake – then leaves them to plan their date; dinner, cocktails and live music. Phyllis smirks to herself as they exit.

Society’s closed for a party Summer’s hosting for Jabot – cocktail hour’s at 6 – wine starts at 7, she rubs Lola the wrong way. They both make fun of Theo – who’s OK with it – I don’t take myself seriously. Jack and Kyle arrive to watch disapprovingly on the background.

Lola greets Kyle with a kiss on the cheek – the Abbott men look dashing tonight, she heads to the kitchen (as Summer looks jealous) She wants tonight to be perfect. Jack’s sure it will be. Kyle would be happy to say a few words tonight – letting everyone know how he feels about their work (eyeballing Theo) Lola pulls Summer aside – we have a problem.

Making a ruckus in the kitchen, Rey comes out with a huge bowl of popcorn. It’s just the two of us, Sharon digs in and leans in – she doesn’t care what movie they watch.

Pick up – I really need to talk to you, Mariah’s unhappy to get a text from Tessa instead – having something delivered – you have to sign for it. OMG! – Mariah opens the door and is ecstatic to be hugging Tessa.

In the kitchen, Lola tells Summer that she had to shut the electricity down due to faulty wiring – the generator will run the lights but not the oven. She’ll bring her food truck – no one will ever know. Or, we could spin this to our advantage, get some heaters and have desert outside, Summer will make it work.

Kyle greets his employees stiffly while Theo’s more enthusiastic – like a buddy (a management style Kyle’s not a fan of) He stands aside as Jack introduces Theo to Jill – who leads him off to tell him stories about his grandfather; Stewart Brooks. Jack scolds Kyle – it’s time he accepts Theo as part of the family.

Tessa only has a couple of hours – which she and Mariah will spend making out.

Abby and Chance are back at TGP to laugh about their reservations being canceled somehow. They tell Phyllis that they found a little burger joint instead. After a quick drink they’re off to club to hear some live music. Have a good time, Phyllis walks off. Abby and Chance are both excited about the rest of their evening.

Unable to find a movie to watch, Rey suggests cards. Sharon agrees – gin rummy (which both claim to be good at)

As Jack tells Kyle that the brilliant Lola saved the day, Theo pops in to agree. Jack again needles Kyle to be nicer. Jill then comes back to tell Jack that Theo’s trouble – handsome and hungry. An interesting and dangerous addition to the family.