Friday, March 20th, 2020

Jill enters the living room to ask what her two new executives are bickering about now. Office space – Lily wants to be located near Jabot and Newman; Billy’d rather be in the hipper section of town, by the university. Jill has a solution but let’s see if she can make it happen.

Jack interrupts Summer, Kyle and Theo’s marketing meeting in the boardroom with news that’s going to affect them all.

Traci’s especially glad that she and Ashley are both living back at the Abbott home; for Dina’s sake and her own ~hug~

At the ranch, Nikki fusses over Vikki a bit then leaves her to nod off with Nick’s daily brief unopened in her lap. She’s grumpy when Sharon appears – not to counsel her (as Vikki’s already refused)

Teary-eyed, Traci tells Ashley how emotional and hard it is to visit Dina (who no longer recognizes her) Wondering how many more visits she’ll have, Traci can’t find solace in her writing. Ashley doesn’t feel she’s handling the situation any better.

Announcing that he plans to spend less time behind his desk and more time with Dina, Jack appreciates Kyle’s support and Theo’s kind words.

Sharon’s brought a gift bag of essential oils and lotions for Vikki and can relate to her feeling under a microscope. Yes, she wants to shout ‘I’m OK’ but that wouldn’t be the truth.

After Billy goes upstairs, Devon drops by the estate and expresses hope that Kay knows her wishes have been honoured. Likewise, Lily’s been thinking about Dad; am I betraying Dad’s memory by working at Chancellor instead of the family company?

Jill’s at NE to chat with Nick. Griping about Collin, she warns him never to get back with an ex. There’s usually a good reason things didn’t work out. Sorry to hear that Vikki’s struggling, Jill knows they’ll never agree on Billy. She’s there to make a deal.

Kyle will need to cut this meeting short so he can get started on taking over for Jack. When Summer comments that Kendra must have stayed up all night to finish whatever she emailed the trio, Kyle says she’s on thin ice for calling in sick then posting photos of her skiing online. Honesty is the best policy, Theo says with attitude.

Jill would like to lease the former Dark Horse office space. Nick’s interested.

Lily’s excited about this opportunity; Devon understands and so would Neil. Yes, he’s very happy and ready for his next adventure. And, with a hug Devon leaves Lily to build her media empire.

Sharon counsels the ‘bone-weary’ Vikki – it’s OK to admit that this is harder than she thought it’d be. Vikki feels she should be fighting like Sharon; you’re pushing back – being a good Mother and friend – still yourself, Vikki wants to be the same way and knows how to get there.

In tears, Ashley feels guilty about working in the city of lights while leaving her siblings to do the ‘heavy lifting’ as Dina’s health declines. Traci’s not judging Ashley; don’t judge yourself ~hug~

Sitting around the ranch is making Vikki more sluggish – she needs to go back to work; part-time until she’s fully recovered. Sharon protests – you were stabbed; broke up with Billy – pushing yourself too hard will impede your recovery. Vikki agrees to get some rest and call Sharon if she needs to.