Thursday, March 19th, 2020

What are the chances the lead singer would get laryngitis? Abby and Chance laugh at CL’s and enjoy music on the jukebox. They agree that GC’s a place that will always draw them back and then have a dance.

After beating him at cards, Sharon exchanges I love you’s and a hug with Rey. Not every day will be like this – she thanks him for making her laugh but looks worried over his shoulder.

Once again back at TGP, Chance invites Abby upstairs for a nightcap. Phyllis follows them in unseen, wearing a mischievous smile as they disappear into the elevator.

Mariah wishes they could stay like this forever – Tessa’s return was the best surprise ever. What’s going on? Tessa notices that Mariah’s troubled.

Sharon doesn’t think it fair to drag Rey through this. We’re in this together, he has one more thing to do for her. I’ll be right back. Left alone, Sharon looks exhausted.

No more secrets, Tessa wants Mariah to share what’s worrying her. Next time you’re home, Mariah has a confession to make – when Tessa left to go on tour, she worried she wouldn’t come home. I love you too much for that, Tessa tells Mariah all about being on tour as they get take out from the fridge. Tessa’s phone pings – it’s time to go.

Jabot’s party in full swing at Society, Lola and Summer are getting along like BFF’s as they praise each other. Introduced by Jack, Kyle singles out Summer and Theo – here’s to the whole team. All applaud. Nice work, Jack tells Kyle (who brushes past Summer and marches into the kitchen to punch Theo) What the hell is wrong with you?! Lola looks at him in horror – as Theo’s crumpled on the floor.

Helping Theo to his feet, Lola again asks Kyle what the hell is wrong with him. Sauntering out with a smirk, Theo wastes no time tattling to Summer – Kyle lost it for no reason. Not convincing Summer of his innocence, Theo bids Jack and Jill good night and leaves.

Kyle and Lola argue about ‘poor’ Theo in the kitchen. He’ll never be a blue blood – he has a point of view you’ll never see, Lola says. But you can, Kyle’s pissed.

The fire alarm beeping, Phyllis comes down in a white robe to needle Chance and Abby. As she goes to speak to the firefighter, Chance says that if someone pulled the alarm, they’d be covered in blue dye. Phyllis shows him her clean hands and opens her robe for further inspection.

Phyllis thinks the look on Chance’s face worth her coming downstairs. And yes, it WAS a look, she’s confident. Abby comes over to say that some idiot pulled the alarm. Her invitation to join her for a drink, Phyllis excuses herself. And when Abby has to deal with all this, Chance gives her a kiss and passes Phyllis at the bar to head upstairs. Now alone, Phyllis pulls latex gloves covered in blue dye from her pocket.

Maybe Theo does have a thing for me, Lola doesn’t see what it matters since he’s with Summer. He’s playing you, Kyle’s marches out in frustration.

This isn’t goodbye – we’ll text and call, Mariah hugs Tessa. Oh, how they’ll miss one another. Getting another text, Tessa leaves with another I love you/kiss.

Rey’s brought Faith home to even watch a rom-com, just this one time, she hugs her Mom.