Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Still at the bar, Phyllis has finally risen from the ashes. It’s been worth every bit of effort. What’s next for Amanda? A boutique agency? Yes, Devon’s forgiven Amanda but she doubts he’d hire her. If you’re considering Newman, don’t bother going to see Vikki – they don’t like to be seen in a moment of weakness.

Unable to sleep due to racing thoughts, Vikki sees no use in trying to run from her memories of the attack; they follow her wherever she goes. I know what you mean, Victor repeats himself thoughtfully.

There’s nothing twisted about Adam offering to help his family. He predicted Victor would use his offer to leverage you (Nick) You took the job so Adam couldn’t. He’s always the outsider. Nick’s amazed at Chelsea’s loyalty to Adam; you’re a completely different person. Sorry to disappoint you, Chelsea’s warned that SHE could be the one disappointed. That’s the way it always goes with Adam, Nick exits.

Vikki thinks her Dad should take Mom to the spa (and stop worrying about her) The attack was terrifying but Vikki won’t let it change her. You think it already has, she frets – you don’t want me to go back to Newman? No, Victor gets her anger because he’s had someone try to kill him and his family. No, he didn’t reach out for help, he foolishly dealt with it himself. Not wanting to talk about the one instance he regrets, Victor easily distracts Vikki (who reverts to an eight-year-old girl ‘pwomising’ her Daddy that she’ll be take as much time as she needs to recover)

When Alyssa arrives at Society moping, Chelsea calls her over to the bar for a drink. Sorry to hear that she cut her meeting with Adam short, Chelsea wishes she’d stayed to help Adam share his news more delicately. There’s no delicate way to accuse my Dad of being a murderer. Chelsea agrees – and then to hear that he might have been murdered himself… What? Alyssa’s stunned – Adam thinks his Father killed my Father?! He didn’t tell you that? Chelsea quickly leaves, sorry and mortified. Alyssa’s left to think.

Back at TGP bar, Amanda teases Phyllis about the man she’s texting. What do you have so far? ‘Hi’. Amanda will dictate the text.

Nick’s busy at work when he reads a text from Phyllis – Meeting Request: To discuss my latest burst of inspiration. Phyllis reads the reply ‘I’m intrigued’. She then suggests Amanda text Nate. No, we don’t have that kind of relationship, Amanda says – as Nate arrives.

Looking for me? Amanda meets Nate at the entrance. Yes, he’s worried about Jared. He stopped by the apartment and heard, from the landlord, that he’s in jail.

Chelsea comes home to tell Adam that it worked. Alyssa came straight to the bar after she left you – and then she let the rest of the story ‘slip’ and left pretending to be embarrassed. She’ll never guess that they plan to use everything she finds against Victor. Oh yeah, she took the bait.

Sure enough, Alyssa’s got her laptop open at Society – the headline reads; Local Farmer Cliff Wilson Killed By Drunk Driver.

Vikki’s going to go up to check on the kids and shower. The coast clear, Victor opens a bureau and removes a folder from a box. It contains the same newspaper clipping Alyssa’s reading and another one: Feed Store Owner Killed In Fall. It also includes legal documents.