Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Caught doing homework she should have already handed in, Faith claims she’s doing it for extra credit. Sharon knows she skipped school last week.

At Jabot, Kyle’s all over Summer. Finally finishing her work, she suggests a night on the couch; falling asleep fully clothed. Both remember it’s their wedding anniversary but Summer didn’t feel right making plans since Kyle’s still married to someone else.

Lola’s having no luck on the phone when Theo arrives at Society. Do you know anything about gas lines? she asks. Lead the way, he extends his arm.

Tessa whines to Tanner – now that her career’s taking off, her relationship has fallen apart. Tanner doesn’t think Tessa should write Mariah off.

Running away never solves anything, Sharon gently scolds. Faith just wanted to hit pause for a while. She’s sorry, it won’t happen again. Hugging her, Sharon looks nauseous. Faith then tells Sharon about a field trip to Chicago – you’ll be done chemo and beaten cancer by summer (so can go for the weekend) In Rey’s arms, Sharon looks nervous.

Kyle sees no reason he and Summer can’t celebrate. Lola wants the divorce too so they just need to do the paperwork. I’m exactly where I want to be (but looks depressed as Summer hugs him)

** No time for spellcheck etc. today. I was very confused by Tessa and Mariah today. I thought Tessa surprised Mariah at the apartment late last week – she had two hours; they ate take out and made out. Either Mariah dreamt it, or I did **

Sharon doesn’t want to give Faith false hope – she’ll beat cancer but might not be well enough to tour Chicago with Faith’s class. There’s a fine line between optimism and delusion. Stay here – Rey will show Sharon the power of positive thinking.

I know I’m the last person you want to see, Mariah surprises Tessa on the jet – I’ll fight for the both of us.

You still love me, Mariah knows – then recites lyrics Tessa wrote for her. Ours isn’t the kind of love that ends because of one mistake. You cheated on me, Tessa’s tired of excuses. You still love me, Mariah repeats – yell at me. I’ll leave right now if you can look me in the eye and say you don’t love me.

We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, Summer just wants to enjoy this. Kyle wants to shout at the top of his lungs – all the things they’ll do together.

Theo got the stove working again – but busted a pipe in the process. He called a plumber but he can’t get here til tomorrow. Lola hands him a napkin to dry off – then chases him into the kitchen (where it seems he’s going to cook dinner)

Sharon appreciates Rey’s optimism but he can’t know how horrible she feels. Rey hands over a picture of spike strips he got online. Everyone on the support message boards says the creative visualization helps them. Sharon thinks it sweet and can’t hurt. But she has a long road ahead of her. Rey will be everything Sharon needs him to be. I love you ~hug~