Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Apron on, Theo’s manhandling dough on a cutting board. Ah perogies, the Polish version of empanadas, Lola talks about how much she loved her grandma and realizes how much she and Theo have in common. It’s magical.

You can’t say that you don’t love me, Mariah’s sure Tessa agrees their relationship’s worth saving. Tessa expresses how devastated she was to see Mariah with ‘her’. I’m not perfect – I’m unimaginably flawed, Mariah will make many mistakes but never that one again. Tessa’s heard this speech before.

Kyle has a surprise for Summer; an order for a nameplate – Summer Newman, co-CEO. It’s not coming anytime soon but Kyle sees a partnership in their future – one day, after Jack retires. They joke that she might become CEO of her own business (or Newman when Nick and Vikki move on) One day we’ll merge our companies to usher in a new era for the Abbott/Newman families – cementing our legacy as GC royalty. With a kiss, they leave arm in arm to celebrate their future.

Lola’s brothers taught her that failing makes one appreciate success more. The Rosalesce’s don’t have to live in the same state to be a team. Wearing an apron, Theo marvels at the contradictions in Lola; pure, fragile, beautiful, worldly and tough. She just wants to experience all life has to offer. Her restaurant in Miami will be cool but not cold. They then enjoy the Perogies Theo made.

Faith comes down to fret about her Mom being pumped full of poison. That poison will help me beat this, Sharon’s confident. Faith’s not sure she can handle all this. We will, together, Sharon reassures with a hug.

Since Theo cooked, Lola insists on doing the dishes – except she can’t because there’s no water. They’re about to kiss when Kendra walks into the kitchen. Sorry, Theo forgot he’d asked Kendra to meet him; the restaurant’s closed. Lola wonders why Kyle’s assistant’s brought Theo a file – are you and Kyle working on a project together?

Now in his suite at TGP, Kyle gives Summer a single red rose – to our future ~kiss~

Back on the jet, a teary-eyed Mariah thinks their love song has an edge – it’s about people who beat the odds. She loves Tessa’s talent, their crappy little studio apartment. The sofa’s torn and rough around the edges – but it’s ours. You make me better, please take this leap with me, she implores.

You really have a way with words, but Tessa’s scared. If you break this again, if you break me, it can’t be undone. Wait, you said ‘if’ – does that mean there’s a ‘this’? I’ll never let you go, Mariah promises. Both cry as they cling to one another.

Faith’s sorry she skipped school – everything will be better, she assures her Mom (as Rey tip toes in)

Yes, this is about work – Theo wants to go above and beyond to get the boss’ attention. When Lola sends them out to talk shop, Kendra’s sarcastic – nothing inconspicuous about that exchange. No worries, Theo takes the folder – keep the information coming and he’ll take care of her when he’s in charge.

In bed, Kyle drops rose petals on Summer’s back. Neither have ever been happier ~kiss~