Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

At the penthouse, Connor whines about going to the ranch. Soon, Adam promises – maybe sooner than we thought, he adds when the doorbell rings. I don’t know what you were thinking! Alyssa bursts in. After Connor’s sent upstairs, she sums it up – you suspect your Father’s a killer and mine is too.

At the ranch, Victor’s reading from a folder; newspaper articles on both deaths and draft notes when Sharon drops by (to see Vikki) How are you coping with your cancer diagnosis? he asks. I’ve seen better days, Sharon tears up as Victor takes her hand.

Mariah and Tessa are having breakfast in bed. We can handle anything as long as we’re solid ~kiss~

In his former Dark Horse office, Nick’s not happy to hear that Billy will be using it. Jill didn’t mention that he was working for Chancellor.

Mariah vows never to cheat on Tessa again or hide whatever’s bothering her – but she’ll find other mistakes to make. Tessa will too – but we’ll continue to grow and make things better. Their first test is now – Tessa’s going back on tour and Mariah has to go home.

Billy denies he used Vikki. Not convinced, Nick’s also pissed that Jill lied to him. Well, the lease is signed, you’re stuck with us, Billy’s smug.

Victor worries that both Sharon and Vikki are overdoing it. Sharon thinks their time together beneficial for both. Is something wrong? she used to be able to read Victor better. Nope, nothing’s weighing on me, Victor lies.

Alyssa thinks it best Chelsea’s not home – this is between her, Adam and their Fathers. She’s sorry she lashed out – Cliff was a good man. If things went down as you believe they did, both our father’s killed someone. Concealing a smile, Adam agrees – it’s best they know the truth.

Mariah and Tessa pledge to be more open and diligent in their long-distance relationship. It’s so hard to be apart but Mariah won’t let Tessa bail on the tour. Let’s flip the script. Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Tessa’s hopeful.

Nick wants Billy out of this building, his sister’s life – and GC. Your reckless behavior lead to Vikki being stabbed. Billy’s tired of being made a scapegoat; especially by Victor. He’s paid for what he’s done, Nick claims. Oh come on, billy sputters – he lied about having proof that I had an affair with Amanda with ZERO consequences. You enable him and ran back to the company like a loyal little foot soldier. What’s going on? Lily arrives. Billy’s just congratulating Nick on becoming Victor Jr.

Victor continues to deny that something’s wrong – and he won’t need the ‘sounding board’ Sharon offers him. When Vikki comes down, Victor leaves them to it.

Back at the penthouse, Alyssa lays out her theory; AJ lent Cliff money then hired someone to scare him to pay up. It went wrong – Dad goes to prison, comes out to hound Hope for repayment. Victor’s furious – and my Dad falls from a barn loft. That’s why my Mom never went to the funeral, Adam hesitates – do we really want to pursue this? Alyssa sees no choice. Stressing the need to keep Victor in the dark, Adam has a plan.