Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Adam doesn’t plan to forgive Victor or let him off the hook – but is this the hill I want to die on? He had nothing to gain by killing this man. If I’m wrong about his guilt, it’ll start a war Chelsea and Connor shouldn’t be part of. Is this poetic justice or my undoing? Adam contemplates.

Nick’s just holding Vikki’s seat until she’s ready to resume it. She appreciates that but feels so lost. The night of Dad’s party, she felt whole; ready to put JT and Billy behind her. Now she’s fighting a sense of dread – being drained of her confidence. Vikki’s not sure she’ll bounce back.

Jill assumes Billy and Lily are compiling a list of media companies they want to acquire. Lily has an idea she won’t share until she talks to Traci. After Billy shows Jill the door, Lily thinks he should appreciate having a parent still alive. She’d give anything for Neil’s advice. Billy has no doubt that he’d be proud.

No, Traci doesn’t think it too soon to read Dina’s end of life wishes. Wow – this is a detailed list of instructions; her funeral and internment. She picked out an urn and song list for her celebration of life. Jack and Ashley get a jolt by the next paper Traci gets to – what I want my loved ones to know.

Ashley, Traci and Jack continue to read the survey Dina filled out; biggest accomplishment, Mergeron. Biggest regret – same. I used the company as a shield against my failures as a human being. I pushed my children away; left my family – didn’t understand the difference between being selfish and self-sufficient. My kids grew up to be happy, functioning adults I can’t take credit for. Jackie and Ashley are headstrong dynamos – Traci has a heart as big as the moon; I let her down most of all. Not attending Colleen’s funeral is unforgeable. All are in tears.

Billy and Lily are still at the office – neither have anyone to go home to. Are you dating anyone? Uh yeah, Lily surprises her partner.

Sensing something’s going on with Victor, Nikki doesn’t like being kept in the dark. Victor feels guilty about letting the farm fall into disrepair. Adam sold it to start his hedge fund, Nikki reminds. Travel safe, she’s left to frown.

Sorry she unloaded on Nick, Vikki’s just impatient with how long her recovery’s taking. As she grabs her chest and gasps, a worried Nick eases her to the ground.

Chelsea supports Adam 100% – however he chooses to proceed. Adam goes back and forth over initiating a battle with a man with unlimited resources. What would have happened if I accepted the keys to the kingdom when I came back from Vegas? Victor would have yanked it away, Chelsea thinks he’s incapable of change. Where would Hope stand? Adam doubts she’d approve of him or Victor. But I must have done something right to deserve you ~kiss~

Billy’s not surprised – you’re a helluva catch. Where is this guy? A five-hour drive away, Lily’s not sure her long-distance relationship will survive. Billy offers to be her wingman if she wants to find someone closer (but seems more interested himself)

Dina’s never been big on apologies or regrets – and that attitude has cost her dearly. She should have begged her kids’ forgiveness long ago. For that, I’m profoundly sorry. An emotional Jack suddenly leaves to tend to forgotten business.

After exchanging fake niceties with Jill, Nikki gets a call from Nick that sends her running out of Society. It’s Vikki – I’m at the hospital – you need to get down here.

Jack thanks Jill for meeting him (at Society) I needed a friend and for some odd reason thought of you.

Back at the office, Billy agrees to take a meeting but won’t take risks (or give his Mother a reason to pull the plug on their partnership) He then gets a call from Nikki updating that Vikki’s in the hospital. Nick joins her to say they’re running tests. Is it her heart? Nikki frets.

Naked on the couch beneath a blanket with Chelsea, Adam’s made a decision – he needs to do this; to prove that Victor and I are cut from the same cloth – that I’m more my Father’s child than his other children. It’s full speed ahead; time to end this feud once and for all.