Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Meeting Victor for lunch at Society, Nikki already knows about his surprise trip (the pilot inadvertently tipped her off) She’s not comfortable leaving Vikki. Victor agrees – he’s going to Kansas alone.

Adam’s surprised when Alyssa calls – I hope you haven’t given up on finding out the truth already. No, and it might be closer than you think, she informs.

In her usual spot on the couch, Vikki’s struggling to stay awake when Nick comes in needing her help.

At their new office, Billy suggests a big launch party. Lily thinks it a bit premature to start patting themselves on the back. Jill marches in – how could you do this Billy!? She just heard on the Zombie Nation podcast that Chancellor’s media division bought out their parent company. Billy’s not responsible for that, I am, Lily corrects.

Dina looks terrified as her children fuss over her. After a brief chat amongst themselves, Jack and his sisters continue to reassure their confused Mother (who wants to talk to Maimi)

Maimi just left and won’t be back for a while – we can get a message to her, Dina’s three kids do their best but fail to reassure their Mother.

Back at the ranch, Nick tells Vikki about a deal he’s handling – but do we want to pull the trigger on that price? Honestly, Vikki couldn’t care less. Her ‘famous killer instinct’? It’s gone, possibly for good.

** Apologies for lack of spellcheck etc. It’s been a long day.

You purchased Zombie Nation podcast? Without consulting your boss or partner? Jill scolds Lily; Billy’s not impressed either. Lily hasn’t bought anything yet – someone must have overheard her looking into it, jumped the gun and Tweeted about it. That said, it’s a good purchase. Lily’s surprised when Billy puts the folder down and decides it’s too big a risk.

Alyssa doesn’t have proof but she has a strong lead; the coroner who ruled her Father’s death accidental so many years ago had a ‘visceral’ reaction when she brought it up. Her gut tells her this guy knows more than he’s saying. Adam will send Alyssa a list of shell companies Newman’s used over the years – maybe something will stick out as a bribe to the coroner. Offer him money, protection – whatever it takes; if Victor bought him off, we can too. Paying a source is a big no-no, Alyssa refuses. If we’re right, my Father killed for money – your Father killed to protect you.

Victor promised Hope that he’d maintain the farm. Yes, but Nikki doesn’t see why he needs to go personally – hire someone local to help George – your family needs you here. Unable to talk Victor out of making the trip, Nikki connects it to Adam’s visit (to the farm then the ranch) Is there something you’re not telling me?

Over lunch at the penthouse, Chelsea’s surprised that Adam’s not more excited about using Alyssa’s info to blackmail his way into the CEO spot. Adam now hesitates. If Victor killed AJ, he did it to protect him and his Mother. Now, I’m going to use that against him for selfish reasons? Hope must have been terrified to go to Victor for help. Adam’s conflicted – if he lets it go, Victor wins again and I get nothing.

Dina getting settled upstairs with the nurse, Ashley fears they’ll never know what’s in their Mother’s heart or head again. Not so sure, Traci pulls out a large yellow envelope that apparently contains important things Mother wanted to say.