Friday, March 27th, 2020

In a hospital bed, her brother and Mother at her side, Vikki’s relieved to be diagnosed with angina, not a heart attack. Nate appears to say that low blood flow to Vikki’s heart is the cause. Yes, she can probably go home once the paperwork’s done. As Nick leaves with Nate, neither notices Billy.

Over drinks at Society, Jill doesn’t deny that things aren’t going smoothly between Billy and Lily – but a constant battle of ideas is what she wants (like Kyle and Theo; he has fire in his belly – great IF Jack can harness it)

At CL’s, Theo closes Kendra’s folder – these emails are tame; he wants something bigger. Kyle’s way too sure of himself. He’ll get sloppy and make mistakes. You’ll know it when you see it. Bring it to me.

Kyle suggests he and Summer take their Jabot business to his suite. OK, but Summer needs to go home and grab some clothes first. That’s inconvenient and Kyle’s tired of living out of a suitcase – let’s get our own place.

Flying in the jet, Mariah’s excited about that night’s concert (and Tessa dedicating her last song to her) ~kiss~

Summer surprises Kyle by not jumping on the idea of moving in together.

Back at Society, Jack doesn’t have the time to babysit his nephew (with Dina home) Jill’s supportive – she regrets missing time with her Mother before she died. You and your sisters are doing a beautiful thing. You won’t have regrets I do.

Still in her hospital bed, Vikki ends a call with the kids then tells Nikki not to worry about being unable to contact Dad. No need to make a big deal out of this. Nikki insists she get some sleep while waiting to be released. On his phone in the hallway, Nick’s not happy to encounter Billy.

Summer and Kyle’s debate on whether to move in together touches on her parents being hot (but wrong) for each other. Things are going so well, Summer doesn’t feel the need to take things to the next level. You’re still married, she adds.

Mariah and Tessa toast their love for one another and to Tanner for not giving up on them – and going on the tour bus so they could have the jet to themselves. They’re reminded of their road trip with Devon and Noah. And now to make this a moment to remember ~kiss~

Billy’s there to see the Mother of his children. Nikki called to say Vikki was having chest pains. She’ll be fine, Nick knows his sister won’t want to see Billy. You’re not going in there, he blocks the way.

Lectured by Nick, who vows to protect his sister, Billy suggests he go talk to Sharon or Phyllis for a reminder of his many flaws. It’s gonna hurt the day you fall off your high horse, he marches out.

Confident that she and Kyle will be together forever, Summer wants to do things right this time and is in no hurry. Hating that he hurt Lola, Kyle was hoping she’d file for divorce. Summer’s content with the way things are – she’ll go pick up clothes, he’ll get dinner – and they’ll meet at the suite. Now alone, Kyle immediately makes a call to Society.