Friday, March 27th, 2020

Jack tells Jill about the questionnaire Dina filled out before her mental decline. He doesn’t like the idea that she lived with regret. We all do the best we can, Jill may have a few regrets where Jack’s concerned (but nothing compared to Collin)

Why are you here? Phyllis is surprised when Nick drops by TGP. I came to see you, he replies.

Jill might not be joking about being done with men. Reminded of his fling with Kerry, Jack’s not ready to be celibate. Jill wouldn’t go that far but she’s busy with work, travel and her small circle of friends (like Jack) We should do this more often, they agree.

Nick updates Phyllis on Vikki’s incident and his run-in with Billy. He’ll have to put everything on hold while he manages Newman. Phyllis tinks that unfortunate – you owe it to the ladies of GC to put yourself out there. Oh God, get a room, Summer looks sick as she stops dead in her tracks to watch her parents.

I heard someone has a complaint? Lola joins Theo to hear that he missed her and that they have dinner reservations at the Crowing Rooster in New York. He called in a favour; the head chef’s taking them into the kitchen to reveal all her secrets. Where they’ll be staying is a surprise. Lola’s smile fades as she wonders about sleeping arrangements.

Hey guys – are you looking for me? Summer comes over to ask. No, Nick came to see Phyllis. Yes, she heard about Vikki; by this new contraption, a cell phone. Nick was in the neighbourhood. Too busy to join her parents for a drink, Summer leaves them to agree they shouldn’t have private conversations in the lobby – let’s go upstairs.

Not disclosing the name of the hotel, Theo booked a suite with two rooms – Lola can visit if the mood strikes. He wants this trip to be fun and uncomplicated. Thank you, she gives him a peck on the cheek.

Back at the ranch, Nikki updates Vikki that thanks to Adam, Victor’s in Kansas tending to the farm. He’ll come home once he gets the message Nikki left. There’s nothing more important than you ~hug~

Wrapped in a blanket, Mariah ends her call with Faith to tell Tessa that she’s scared about Sharon’s upcoming scan (to determine if chemo’s shrunk the tumour) Tessa understands that Mariah needs to go home.

Booking a flight for the next morning, Mariah worries about her Mom – and leaving Tessa. She promises to rely on the people who love her and won’t pretend to be tough anymore. We still have an hour before the jet lands ~kiss~

Now upstairs, Nick and Phyllis forget what they were talking about. Attached at the lips, they rip each other’s clothes off and tumble onto the bed.

Theo’s listing the itinerary for their weekend in New York when Kle arrives for his take out (and to overhear their plans) After Kyle exits with his dinner, Lola heads back to the kitchen. Theo gets a call from Kendra – don’t give up. Find something to bring Kyle down.