Monday, March 30th, 2020

The ‘do not disturb’ sign is out as Phyllis awakens Nick with a single red rose. Here we are, he smiles. Again – last night was, unforgettable, they agree. Phyllis will go downstairs first to make sure the coast is clear. Good luck finding your clothes (that Phyllis ripped off and tossed all over the place)

Chelsea calls Adam from the ranch (having brought Connor for a playdate with Katie and Johnny) Yes, she’s up for a discussion on this Victor story. After she hangs up, Victor stalls her escape – I’d like to talk about my son.

Gasping as if she took the stairs, Alyssa appears at the penthouse – I drove all night to get here. I’ve got the goods on your Father, she tells Adam.

Thanking Theo for coming by, Jack updates him on Dina but the reason he’s summoned his nephew is to address his tension with Kyle. It needs to end right now.

Meeting Kyle at CL’s, Lola assumes it’s to talk her out of going away with Theo (which won’t work so he might as well save it)

Summer’s at TGP – don’t ‘sweetie’ me, she snaps at Phyllis. She knows what her Mom and Dad are up to – do I have to paint you a picture?

No, Lola won’t let Kyle explain. You have no say in what I do or who I do it with. Finally heard, Kyle surprises Lola – he doesn’t blame her for feeling this way and has no right to comment on how she lives her life.

Theo admits that he’s what’s getting in the way of getting along with Kyle (because he envies him) He wants to make things work with Kyle but some days are harder than others. Jack’s not absolving Kyle. Theo doesn’t want to be the guy who shows up out of nowhere to cause trouble – and promises to change that perception (with Kyle) That’s all Jack can ask for.

Victor just wants to know how Adam’s doing. Seriously? You won’t like my answer, Chelsea warns.

Alyssa finally got the Kansas coroner to talk. My Father wasn’t a nice man but he wasn’t a killer after all. He hired a guy to scare Cliff, not kill him. But Adam’s Dad? He’s definitely a killer.

Kyle may never like or trust Theo, but he trusts in Lola and knows she’s smart enough to decide who she wants in her life.

At the office, Nick calls Phyllis but hangs up without leaving a message. At TGP, Summer’s rudely turned her Mom’s phone off because she doesn’t want their conversation interrupted by the subject of the conversation. After she blathers on about ‘lather, rinse, repeat’, Phyllis asks what part of that cycle Summer’s at with Kyle. Getting no answers because Phyllis doesn’t have any, Summer marches off in a huff.

Chelsea wonders how Victor would feel in Adam’s place – he wanted to help the family and you snatched the rug out from under him. Victor reminds that Adam was offered the keys to the kingdom and turned it down. What’s done is done. Is it? Chelsea thinks that a dangerous attitude to have. What do you mean by dangerous??

Asked for every detail, Alyssa starts by saying her Father’s grain business was a front for loan sharking. Cliff couldn’t pay the loan back at the astronomical interest rates so stalled. The guy AJ hired to scare him was a drunk who ran him off the road and killed them both. Getting out of prison for tax evasion, AJ went after Hope for the money. She called Victor to make it all go away. Suddenly, AJ falls from a barn loft and dies. The coroner confessed that the body was moved post mortem – it was no accident. Victor paid him off to doctor the death certificate and cremate the body. Case closed – until now. Damn, my Father really did it, Adam realizes.