Monday, March 30th, 2020

As Nick’s phone rings, Summer walks into his office – that’ll be a warning from Mom. I just came from talking to her and now I’m gonna talk to you. This isn’t an ambush and she doesn’t appreciate another comparison to her and Kyle. Nick’s OK with her having an opinion but you don’t get a vote. He then holds the door open – I have a phone call to return. Uh huh, Summer grunts past her Dad’s ‘I love you’.

Chelsea just meant that it’s dangerous to ignore the past – Adam will be fine, she assures Victor – he’ll always rise above. Yes, she believes in him with all her heart. Never underestimate your son. He won’t let disappointment keep him down. He sees the bigger picture – this is just a bump in the road. Glad to hear it, Victor tells Chelsea to have a nice afternoon.

At least we finally know the truth, Alyssa adds that they DO have more than the coroner’s word – there’s his notes, autopsy report, blood test from the drunk driver. Plus she recorder her chat with the coroner. Best of all, Victor paid the coroner off with a shell company that leads right to GC. When Adam asks for all the evidence, Alyssa can’t do that.

Dina ignores Theo as the blathers on about wanting to make her proud of him by starting his own company one day. But Jack’s listening – as he confides about a girl he’s nervous about making a move on. Dina slowly turns to Theo with a smile – don’t worry – you’re a good catch. As the light goes off in Dina’s eyes again, Jack and Theo share a look.

Lola admits that it’s hard to see Kyle with Summer but will give him the same courtesy. She won’t rush things with Theo. You don’t need my permission, Kyle wants Lola to feel free to do whatever she wants. I do…. she realizes what he’s getting at – we’re still married.

Phyllis drops by Nick’s office for a chat about Summer’s talk. We’re not together, it’s just sex – she’s overreacting, Phyllis says. Nick didn’t confirm or deny. Sure, we can have fun keeping her guessing and playing games, but Nick would rather get serious.

This isn’t your typical story – we’re accusing a powerful man of murder. Adam claims that the editor who’s going to run the story wants the evidence. They need to know 100%. I need to know 100% – before we accuse an innocent man of murder. Please. It’s locked in the trunk of my car, Alyssa goes to get it.

Jack thanks Theo for coming by. Drop by any time you like. Shown the door, Theo gets a text from Kendra – do you still want help with your Kyle problem? Hold off for now, Theo replies.

Lola and Kyle agree – talk of divorce is so final. Breaking up was hard enough but Lola knows it’s the next step. It’s time. Both are weepy – this is it. Kyle takes her hand across the table, then releases it to sit back and wipe tears off his face.

Nick agrees – it could be just great sex, but it could be more. We need to figure it out. What is it you want? he asks Phyllis.

Chelsea comes home rambling on about her encounter with Victor. What’s that? she looks at the box Adam’s ignoring her to stare at. It’s everything – Alyssa was here. It’s all in there. We’ve got him.