Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Theo’s been really nice to me – Lola wants her overprotective brother to trust her judgment. He understands how overwhelming divorce is and doesn’t know what he’d do without Sharon. There’s something I need to tell you.

Sharon raves about her pressure cooker soup, denies she’s shutting Mariah out – then bursts into tears as she worries she’ll need a mastectomy. I’m terrified!

Lola wishes she knew Sharon had cancer and now realizes why he brought Faith over to bake bread the other day. How can I help? Rey will get back to her – just being able to talk about it helps.

There you have it – all my fears. Sharon’s scared of living with cancer, dying from cancer. I’m not strong enough. Mariah gives a great pep talk – you ARE brave.

Billy and Vikki agree it’s good to be able to talk like this. He didn’t respect their relationship, was selfish, but now wants to figure out a way forward. Vikki’s no longer angry but there’s no ‘we’. There’s no reset button – we’re not friends. You killed the woman who loved you no matter what. Vikki won’t allow herself to be Billy’s collateral damage.

Kyle tells Summer that he talked to Lola about a divorce. It’s weird that he’s discussing it with a another woman he divorced. Summer’s supportive – anything you need.

Am I interrupting? Theo enters the kitchen. Lola was just going to call him; it’s about our trip. Theo was thinking about it too – ask me anything. Anything? Lola echoes.

You can’t just stop feeling, Billy appeals to Vikki. She can’t and won’t give of herself anymore and has clarity now. No need to be sorry, she’s proud of him starting a new job and won’t make any ‘noise’ if he takes up with Amanda or anyone else.

Phyllis gets to number 15 – we belong together; we have really good sex. We make a great team. Nick thinks that an extensive list – now, here come the cons; Summer. She’s a buzzkill, Phyllis laughs. We’ve broken each other’s hearts – you turned state’s evidence against my family. Yes, and you posed as JT, Phyllis DID work with Adam but got Nick’s Dark Horse properties back. Do you want to speed this up or end it right here? Shocker – it’s time for desk sex.

Lola hands Theo a to-go bag of empanadas to cushion the blow – she has to postpone their trip to New York because Rey might need her. Theo agrees – we’ll do it right when you’re ready. Leaving the kitchen, he sends a text to cancel the Broadway tickets.

Back at Jabot, Kyle and Summer are having an animated conversation about where to live. She’d like a big pool but not a big kitchen. All Kyle needs is Summer ~kiss~

Putting their clothes back on, Phyllis doesn’t want to walk away. Let’s see where this goes, Nick gives her a kiss.

Vikki’s not trying to hurt Billy and wishes him all the best. He does too – guess I should be going. Take care. Good bye Billy, the finality in her voice has an effect on him.

Sharon comes down to tell Rey and Mariah that she wants to go to her scan alone. You’ll all be in my heart – but I need to hear this news alone; to react in privacy. We’ll be here for you when you get home, Rey assures as Sharon takes a seat between him and Mariah.