Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Traci rejoins Lily and Billy to ask what’s going on – she’s all ears. They want much more than her ears.

Jill catches up with Jack at CL’s to announce that Collin’s in jail and she filed for divorce. He’s distracted by Theo and Kyle.

In Society’s kitchen, Lola gives Theo a pep talk. He doesn’t want to disappoint Jack or lose a job he loves.

Let’s get to work – Summer has full confidence that Kyle; why are you doubting yourself? He may have home-court advantage but doesn’t see this competition a done deal.

Theo needs to come up with the winning idea to prove to Jack that he’s a leader (or will lose his job and family) Kyle’s being groomed to be his Dad’s successor, he whines to Lola.

When will my Dad start believing in me? Kyle knows he’s being paranoid. No, Summer agrees that Theo will try something – but he doesn’t have a secret weapon; me.

Now seated at CL’s, Jill grades Jack an A+ as a Father (for the way he handled Kyle and Theo) Off to Saint Tropez, she invites Jack to join her. Sounds good but he can’t leave Dina (or Kyle and Theo)

Lola continues her pep talk; Jack’s a fair man who’ll judge Theo and Kyle’s plan on its merit.

Summer’s giving Kyle a similar pep talk – with her help, he’ll win ~kiss~

Lily and Billy pitch their idea to Traci – ‘serialized online fiction’ to be uploaded in bite-sized chapters. They also want to publish her next bestseller. Traci can work from home on her own time and terms. This project needs the heart only Traci can deliver.

As Elena shows her last patient out, Devon arrives with lunch to say that he already knows that Amanda’s going on a date with Nate. But never mind them ~kiss~

Fixing her hair before stepping off the elevator, Amanda earns a ‘wow’ from Nate (and sends it right back at him) Both then head out for their date.

Promising to update Jack on her trip, Jill hurries out.

Traci’s tempted but needs time to think about the offer. No matter what she decides, she’s flattered. Now alone, Billy and Lily think Traci will say ‘yes’. Look at us, in total agreement, Billy and Lily get back to competitive banter.

Picking up her take out at Society, Summer’s put on notice that Lola supports Theo in this competition against Jack.

Kyle’s not in the boardroom to spy on what Theo’s working on. You don’t know our family history. No, but Theo has fresh perspective. Finding the sunglasses he left behind, Kyle fakes confidence before leaving Theo to continue his work.