Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Sharon’s about to close CL’s when Nick arrives to join Rey and ask about her test results. Unable to wait any longer, Sharon calls her doctor looking for answers.

A clipboard-carrying enforcement officer for the city serves Abby with paperwork – I’m shutting you down. Seated in the lounge, Phyllis sips her drink as she watches.

Alyssa’s at the penthouse to see Adam. He’s not here, Chelsea explains. Where is he and why is he letting his Father get away with murder? Alyssa asks.

Vikki’s drinking wine at Society’s bar when Adam takes a seat and offers to buy her a drink. It might be fun to toast to the new boss, he smirks.

When the doctor comes on the line, Sharon insists on hearing what’s next for her. She’s aware that this isn’t usually done over the phone but her support team is with her (Rey and Nick)

Never say never, Adam advises Vikki. If she wants to come back to Newman, he can find something to utilize her skillset. Glad to hear she already cleaned out her desk, Adam vows to obliterate everything Vikki did. I’ve always been Dad’s heir apparent.

Told that Adam’s been really busy, Alyssa can’t imagine what’s more important than publishing the expose on his Father being a murderer. Chelsea claims that every detail must be fact-checked before going up against a man like Victor Newman.

Work permits and code violations? Abby was assured by her lawyers and contractors that everything was in order. Good luck, the man leaves Abby to assure Phyllis that she WILL build her hotel.

Adam continues to needle Vikki at Society’s bar. Victor’s lucky to have your blind devotion. Don’t misjudge me, Vikki vows she’s never going down again (and marches out) Answering a call, she says she’ll handle it and hurries off.

Call ended, Sharon informs Rey and Nick that her doctor wants to stick with the plan – a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy to see if the cancer’s spread. Hearing that Sharon will need a week off, Rey and Nick bring in the reinforcements – Mariah, Faith and Tessa ~hugs~

Phyllis doesn’t deny that she’s behind the work stoppage. Make sure all your permits are in order – the last thing you want is a lengthy court battle. You’re welcome. Abby walks off in a huff.

What part of our last discussion made you feel like you could pull something like this? Vikki confronts Billy at his new office.

Nick will manage CL’s for two weeks, Mariah and Tessa will get Faith to and from school. Lola’s volunteered to cook, Rey adds. Everyone’s phone goes off as Mariah announces that she’s started a group chat and task list. Team Sharon will go into full effect when they know the surgery date.

Alyssa rants to Chelsea about what it was like being AJ’s daughter. She finally brought everything to light and now Adam’s trying to keep it in the dark. Chelsea has an unsavory family history too – focus on your next big project – if you need any money …Alyssa won’t be bribed; now what’s really going on here?

Vikki’s angry because Billy canceled on taking the kids – and called Hannah instead of her. Billy’s sorry – he was busy and figured Vikki was busy at NE. Nope, I’m out – Adam’s in, effective immediately, she informs.