Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Traci brings a gift basket to the office of the co-head of Chancellor Communications. Lily’s delighted and assures that she can handle Billy (a bit of a handful) Your team of guardian angels supports you; Dru, Neil and Colleen, Traci then concerns Lily by tearing up.

Someone’s a little jumpy, Summer startles Kyle in Jabot’s boardroom. Jack wants to see me and Theo, Kyle’s nervous. Summer’s sure his Dad doesn’t blame him (though Kyle feels guilty for upsetting Dina)

Likewise, on the CL’s patio, Theo feels he deserves a lecture from Jack. Lola gives him a pep talk – don’t give up – use the powers of persuasion you use on me. Time to learn my fate – Theo receives a summons from Jack.

Also receiving a text from Jack, Kyle tells Summer he’s on his way. Time to tell if Theo and I pushed him too far.

Nate’s checking his watch as Elena hurries into the clinic late (after a hectic day at Memorial) She guesses he’s leaving to go on a hot date – who’s the lucky lady?

At Society, Devon summons Amanda over to relay the good news that Collin’s in custody. That’s amazing ~hug~ But, Jill’s not so quick to forgive Amanda’s role in all this and has a few things to say to her.

Wasting no time, Jack orders Kyle and Theo to sit down. Having no interest in their apologies, he won’t let their toxicity bring down this family or company. Actions have consequences – get ready to face yours.

In tears, Traci confides her Mother’s mental state to Lily. The moments drag on but also fly by; there’s so much unsaid. She’s also feeling pressured to write by her editor. As Lily offers her full support, Billy arrives. When Traci excuses herself to take a call, he wishes there was more he could do. There is – Lily to bring Traci onboard at Chancellor Communications.

Theo and Kyle are in agreement that they screwed up and vow to get along. Jack’s heard that from Theo before – and perhaps Kyle’s not ready to be CEO. He wants their undivided attention for a transitional period at Jabot. What’s changing? Everything.

Back at the clinic, Elena’s thrilled to hear that Nate’s going on a date with Amanda (and has some advice before he leaves)

No need for Devon to intercede, Amanda already knows that Jill isn’t fully convinced that she wasn’t in on Collin’s scheme. No, Jill wants to apologize and call a truce. And, for the record, she CAN get over Collin’s betrayal and anything life throws at her. After Jill leaves, Devon tells Amanda that he has a proposition for her.

Jack wants to go back to the beginning; why his Father first started Jabot – a legacy that needs to get back to one premise. Jabot Collective isn’t necessary now that Ashley’s merged. Kyle and Theo are both to submit plans for rebranding – Jack will select the best.

Leaving first, Theo assures Jack that he won’t take this opportunity for granted. Kyle asks his Dad for a word in private – are we good? Focus on the task, Jack wishes his son good luck and exits. Summer appears to ask Kyle what Jack said.

Theo sends Lola a text to say that he’s on his way to talk about his meeting with Jack.

Devon wants to retain Amanda to handle the legalities of the clinic. She’s the kind of person he wants on his team. Agreeing to think about it, Amanda’s going out with Nate. Enjoy yourself and have a good time, Devon’s left to look somewhat disappointed.

Elena thinks Amanda a force of nature but she’s been through hell so take it slow and have a good time.