Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

In his new office, Adam’s first order of business is to take Victor’s portrait off the wall, then take a seat to put his feet up on the desk (the portrait staring at him)

On the patio, Nick encourages Rey to open up. Sharon’s goodness personified, she makes me want to be a better man, Rey hates watching her go through this. Nick will help in any way he can – send out a bat signal and we’ll go play pool, grab a beer. Rey might take him up on that. Nick now has something to do that Sharon doesn’t need to know about.

Billy doesn’t understand why Victor’s letting Adam get away with this, why he’s betraying Vikki. Yes, it DOES matter. You worked damn hard for that job. It’s time for payback; time Victor and Adam were taken down a peg. Vikki’s now angry – it’s my fight, not yours. I make the calls, not you.

Chelsea’s not trying to bribe Alyssa – she just wants to help. Alyssa became a journalist to seek the truth and now her accusations against Victor may have put a target on her back. Coming home, Adam goes along with Chelsea – no bribe was offered and the story is being fact-checked. Alyssa knows she’s getting the runaround and wants the truth.

Since Abby won’t show her the blueprints for her new hotel, Phyllis welcomes Nick as a tie-breaker. Abby assumes he’d take his sister’s side over that of his ex – then is dismayed to realize they’re back together.

Vikki doesn’t need Billy’s righteous indignation – she can do this on her own. I can fight and win this battle on my own, she clip-clops out.

Adam assures Alyssa that she has nothing to worry about. He’s decided that her story deserves a bigger platform than the Internet. It belongs in a national magazine. Adam was chasing down some contacts this morning. Alyssa’s impressed – but no more secrets. Adam gives his word. We’ll talk soon. After Alyssa leaves, Chelsea warns Adam that she won’t let this go.

Back at CL’s, Faith takes her Mom into the kitchen – leaving Mariah to share her fears with Tessa (who will be there for every step) Why don’t we … Mariah silences her proposal with a kiss.

Mariah promises to revisit what Tessa was about to say once her Mom’s in the clear. Faith then comes out with cookies. Meanwhile, Sharon confides to Rey that she’s terrified but sees all the good things around her. We can’t take one second for granted ~hug~

Abby doesn’t want to hear anything Phyllis has to say and doesn’t have time to talk sense into Nick. She has to go deal with his zany girlfriend’s latest sabotage. Nothing I can’t handle – hope I can say the same for you, she tells Nick (who’s left to wonder what Phyllis did this time) But easily distracted when she jumps him in the elevator.

Chelsea may have paused Alyssa but she won’t stop digging until the story’s published. Adam won’t let anything stop him and Chelsea now – we’re at the top of the food chain.

At TGP’s bar, Vikki taps Alyssa on the shoulder. We have some people in common – they aren’t your friends.

Chelsea can’t help but feel on edge. Adam gets a text from Victor – he wants to meet at the office. Time for the passing of the torch? they assume.