Friday, April 10th, 2020

Yesterday’s show was a repeat from 1973 if the guide on my TV is accurate. Stay safe everyone!!

Introducing herself at TGP, Vikki makes it clear that she’s Adam’s HALF sister. Claiming to know what she and Adam are working on, Vikki says that SHE’S the one in the dark. Whatever Adam told you is a lie.

Meeting Adam at Newman, Victor declines a drink of his favorite Tequila – to toast the new era. Suit yourself, Adam pours himself a drink. Victor sees no cause for celebration – let’s get this over with.

About to head on over to Society’s bar, Billy looks at Amanda enjoying herself with Nate and exits.

Amanda credits Phyllis with her asking Nate out. He was nudged into it by Elena. This feels like something new, he smiles.

In her suite, Phyllis has to consider whether her relationship with Nick is purely physical. He disagrees – what’s going on?

Surprised to find Lily working, Billy annoys her by leaning over her shoulder to read (and critique)

Victor lists deals Adam needs to attend to immediately – bring your department heads in on this. Adam’s done this before, it’s not rocket science. He then brings up Victor’s murder and points out that he removed his portrait. Having sent an iron-clad contract over to Victor’s lawyers, Adam wonders how his Father will announce him being the new CEO. And how did Nick take the news?

Phyllis worries that Nick will hurt her again. Nope – he’s just as invested; in it for the long haul. When Phyllis locks the door so they can talk, Nick accepts the challenge. Hands to ourselves.

Phyllis isn’t afraid, she’s cautious – and relieved to have expressed how she feels. Nick likes being the guy she can be herself with. While Phyllis takes a shower, Nick’s to order food (but first admires a discarded bra)

Vikki informs Alyssa that Adam had her do all the legwork. He’s not going to print the story, he’s burying it (having used it to blackmail his way into her job as CEO of Newman)

Victor hasn’t told Nick yet. This isn’t a joke, it’s my legacy. Adam’s sure his Father will come up with a story to tell his other kids. We both know I belong in that chair.

Nick doesn’t see his Dad’s ‘we need to talk’ because he’s busy in the shower with Phyllis.