Monday, April 13th, 2020

When Lily returns to the office, Billy stuns her with the news that Vikki was screwed over by her Father and Adam. She loves that job; it’s not fair.

Nikki’s also reading news online when Victor returns from his ride. Please tell me you reached Nick. He’s coming by – then I’ll tell him about Adam. This is how he’s going to find out, Nikki hands over her tablet.

Scowling at his phone, Nick marches onto the CL’s patio to join Vikki. Both watch Adam’s live interview online – he’s thrilled to be back at NE.

Not able to stomach watching Adam’s interview, Billy’s surprised when Lily mentions offering Amanda a job. You guys are friends, right? Yeah – we’re on good terms (yet Billy hesitates before agreeing to hire her)

Chelsea rolls her eyes as Phyllis arrives to peer over her shoulder to watch Adam. On the patio, Nick shuts the tablet off to demand answers Vikki doesn’t have (ignoring Victor’s call to get her version)

Nikki nags Victor for an explanation – what happened in Kansas all those years ago? (and why is he handing Adam the keys to the kingdom?)

Yes, absolutely – Billy thinks Amanda’s great but isn’t sure she’d be interested. She is, Lily assures. And after Billy heads out to CL’s, she wastes no time calling Amanda to discuss terms. Amanda still needs to think about things.

Knowing Adam did something diabolical to get his new position, Phyllis thinks Chelsea a perfect match for him – but is surprised Chloe’s supportive. She then boasts about being back with Nick. I own what I’ve done to him – you use Adam as an excuse. Putting Chelsea ‘on notice’, Phyllis marches out.

Filling Nick in on what little she knows about this article, Vikki doesn’t understand why Dad was so quick to replace her with Adam. Nick’s so furious he needs air. He won’t do anything her regrets and Vikki shouldn’t either.

Nikki knows Victor’s not a cold-blooded killer – perhaps he acted on impulse like she did with JT. Not getting anywhere, she snaps – this isn’t over, and clip-clops out.

Spotting Billy on the patio with Vikki, Amanda sets her mug down and leaves. Vikki appreciates Billy’s support and is pleased to hear that Chancellor Communications is going well – she has a story he’ll want to run – but not yet.

You won’t get away with this, Nick marches in to Adam’s office to say. Look around, I already did, Adam crows.

Victor flashes back to AJ lying dead on the floor of a barn.