Monday, April 13th, 2020

After breakfast at home, Nikki knows Victor’s quite because it’s Adam’s first day as CEO. She’s left to look worried when he abruptly heads to the stables for a horseback ride.

Chelsea drops by Adam’s office to gush that he’s finally where he’s meant to be. Victor’s portrait? It’s been relocated to the boardroom. NE’s employees are fine with Adam replacing Nick – but something Chelsea says troubles him.

When her Mom drops by the tackhouse, Vikki growls that she’ll be fighting Adam on her own (without Victor’s help)

Nick and Phyllis have slept in after last night’s ‘workout’ and decide not to get out of her bed ~kiss~

At TGP, Lily and Billy end a successful meeting – looks like we have a news site. Billy will pick up lunch and meet her back at the office. Lily’s left to wave Amanda over. No, she didn’t know about her date with Nate but glad to hear it went well has a favour to ask.

Seated in the hotel lounge, Amanda reads and makes notes on a contract for Lily; who’d like to hire her. Devon offered me a job too – which leads Amanda to decline being their charity case.

Chelsea doesn’t think Adam should have mixed emotions about using what Victor did to protect Hope. You can only turn the other cheek so many times.

Vikki clearly disapproves of her Mom giving Victor the benefit of the doubt and bitter about being collateral damage between him and Adam. Nikki will try again to get the full story.

Assured that Lily and Devon haven’t coordinated, Amanda doesn’t want to commit to either and suggests Lily run this by Billy.

Nick has to do some work at New Hope and swing by the ranch to talk to his Dad. Dinner tonight? It’s a date ~kiss~

At Society, Chloe raves over Chelsea’s sketches of maternity-wear until it’s time for her to hear some major, major news.

Adam takes a call from his receptionist – OK, send him in. I’m more than ready.

Chelsea won’t confide why Victor’s entrusting NE to Adam permanently. Chloe wants her BFF to be happy but not everyone will be pleased. Chelsea wants Adam to stay where he belongs.