Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Nick won’t give Adam credit for ousting Vikki from a job she earned; she started in the mailroom and worked her tail off to prove herself to Dad. She’s a sucker who allowed herself to be disrespected, Adam argues. Nick returns his attention to Chelsea – do you really want your boy to turn out like him?

Her flight booked, Lola’s going home to pack quickly. She’s sure Theo will have Jack eating out of his hand – you’re good enough to pull this off. Yes, he’ll be here when she gets back. Bye, she smiles and leaves Theo to text Kendra – and hear that she was kicked out of the boardroom but will keep trying.

Kendra comes in to refill Kyle and Summer’s water glasses (and eye what they’re working on) Hearing Kendra’s phone go off (a message from Theo) Summer asks to borrow it. Mine’s dead too, Kendra hurries out. We can’t trust her, Summer tells Kyle.

Vikki belongs in that chair, not you – Nick will fight for her if his Dad won’t. Adam didn’t want to believe it either but Victor’s a murderer. Nick still doesn’t believe a word Adam says (but leaves looking unsure) Chelsea’s left to cling to Adam in the office.

Jack drops by CL’s to whine to Sharon – then stops himself; he’s there to check on an old friend. Sharon confides that she’s going for surgery soon. Jack’s sure it’ll be OK. Cancer took on the wrong person, he takes her hand.

Theo scratches out whatever he’s written on his notepad and scowls at his phone in frustration.

Summer shares her suspicions with Kyle; Kendra’s spying for Theo (because he has no ideas of his own) Jack feels sorry for him and will let him off the hook. Let’s bait the trap, she types on her laptop – see where I’m going with this?

Chelsea hopes Adam doesn’t mind that she got involved – you can fight your own battles. No, we fight our battles together, he appreciates her support – especially against Nick. He loudly asserts that he can handle whatever the Newmans throw at him. Chelsea worries about the man she loves ~hug~

Finishing their bogus project, Summer asks Kendra to come back – we’re done here; we nailed it – Jack will be over the moon, she leads Kyle out making sure to mention that their files were uploaded to her folder on Jabot’s system. Kendra wastes no time updating Theo – yes, she has the password to Summer’s folder.

Dropping by CL’s, Nick’s about to catch up with Sharon when Jack leads him out to the patio – don’t make the mistake I did, we should keep our problems to ourselves. He then hears that Adam took over NE in the most ‘Adam way’ possible.

Adam reassures Chelsea that he’s a man their son can be proud of. Seemingly won over, she wants to pick Connor up and go have some fun. Adam thinks that a great idea.

Still at Society, Theo looks around before typing his way into the trap Summer and Kyle laid for him.

Clinking champagne flutes at TGP, Summer and Kyle toast to the rat taking the cheese. Now they need to get to work on their real project. Tomorrow we find out how desperate Theo really is.

On the patio, Jack confides in Nick how the animosity between Kyle and Theo is affecting everything – life is too short to play games. Hang in there, he hurries inside. Nick’s left to leave a message for Phyllis. He needs to talk to her, then his Dad.

Adam and Chelsea come home. Connor upstairs with the sitter, they declare their love and kiss. Connor, come on down, Adam shouts as he runs upstairs. Chelsea’s left alone to look very concerned.

Next week: Theo assures Kyle; it’ll never happen again. You’re right – it won’t, you’re fired…. If you want the best it’ll cost you, Amanda grins. And you are the best, Billy grins back. See? We’re agreeing already … If you knew what happened in Kansas you’d understand why I did what I did, Victor looks grim. Nikki wants to know. If I tell you there’s no going back, Victor adds.