Monday, April 20th, 2020

All regroup when it’s time to open presents. A mobile from Bella earns oohs and ahhs and praise that she’ll be the best big sister ever. Connor hands over a stuffed dinosaur. This little one will look up to you and Bella; he’s so lucky, Chloe chokes up.

Well, it’s been dealt with – neither the story nor the evidence that AJ was murdered will be published, Victor updates Nikki that Alyssa will keep her mouth shut or else. Now, he’ll go to deal with Adam and Vikki. Nikki then spills the beans that Vikki’s been looking for the truth on her own. She can look all she wants, she won’t find the truth, Victor’s sure – then unsure. Wait, what did you do?

Coming home to an empty house, Adam soon gets a visit from Vikki, who marches in to say ‘I’m not the only one Dad’s been lying to’.

Don’t you wonder why Dad made this so easy for you? Easy? Adam scoffs – Dad gave YOU everything. You had to blackmail our Father to get this position, Vikki feels bad that it won’t end well for him. And, if Adam wasn’t such a vindictive bastard she might even feel sorry for him. Worrying for a moment, Adam grabs his phone and runs out.

That’s it for the gifts – except for the tiny box Kevin pulls out of his pocket; a charm bracelet for Mom and baby; Chloe can add a charm for each milestone. Chloe was about to ask Chelsea a question but first needs to drag Kevin away for a private word. Chelsea looks puzzled as the pair scamper off.

As Nikki’s clucking about Victor’s valliant fight to keep this secret, Adam barges in. What the hell kind of game are you playing?! Vikki paid him a visit. What did she say!? Nikki and Victor sound the alarm. That this wouldn’t end well for me – whatever THAT means.

Tired of the games, Adam’s not leaving without an iron clad contract. Otherwise, he’ll release that article and the world will know the truth. Your Father’s been trying to protect you! Nikki barks. From what? Adam’s mystified.

Chloe and Kevin thank everyone – their goal is to bring this baby into their imperfect world. Sometimes we’ll question each other’s choices, loudly. Chloe thanks her best friend and finally stammers out her question – do you want to be the baby’s Godmother?

Alyssa confirms her flight and asks the ticket to be sent to her phone. Knock-knock, I know you’re in there, Vikki’s muffled voice can be heard – we need to talk. You’re leaving, she asks rhetorically as she eyes the suitcase. Your Father was here, is Alyssa’s brief explanation.

Adam’s stunned to hear that his Father was protecting HIM from the truth about the night AJ died.

Yes, of course Chelsea will be the baby’s Godmother. Hugging her BFF, a weepy Chelsea smiles at Kevin.

Victor didn’t want Adam to know – now you’ve been told. It was you son. You killed Alyssa’s Father. For once, Adam’s speechless.