YR Spoiler; Friday, August 21st, 2020

Adam awakens in bed to tell Chelsea that he’s starting to remember what happened all those years ago in Kansas. He must see Sharon! Chelsea’s not impressed to be left alone.

Serving Sharon breakfast, Rey wants her to relax and focus on her health. She’s anxious to start working with Adam but sends her concerned boyfriend off to work. Seconds later, Adam arrives to blurt out that he’s starting to remember things and needs help right now.

After having breakfast with a flirtatious Amanda, Nate heads to the clinic. Devon makes out with Elena for a bit before leaving Nate to update her on how well things are going with Amanda.

As luck would have it, Amanda’s still at Society when Devon arrives. After mention of the usual topics; Katherine, Lily and Neil, Amanda mentions Hilary (then apologizes)

After a bit of a spat at CL’s, Billy leaves to spend the day with the kids.

Vikki later gets a call from a frantic Billy – Katie’s been stung by a bee and she seems to be having a reaction!

Gently prodded by Sharon, Adam provides a detailed picture of the farm in Kansas – there’s a bowl of fruit on the table. There’s something under there. What is it? she asks. It’s me.

Vikki rejoins Billy in the clinic’s waiting room – Nate’s prescribing an epi pen for Katie so they’ll be prepared if it happens again. Billy’s still traumatized – she wasn’t breathing ….

At CL’s, Chelsea tells Rey that Sharon and Adam lose perspective when it comes to helping one another. It’s not good for either one of them. Rey knows their history has caused problems for Chelsea and Adam; he and Sharon have no secrets.

Eyes closed, Adam describes the scene he now recalls – hearing AJ harassing his Mother for money then warn that he’ll be back to hurt her son if she doesn’t pay up tonight. Young Adam scrambles out to shout at AJ – leave my Mother alone!! When Adam jumps off her sofa, Sharon pleads with him not to leave – but is left looking distraught in her doorway.

Call me when you get this message, I will come to you, Sharon leaves a message for Adam. Rey comes home to ask why she’s shaking. He can identify with how she’s feeling – he gets frustrated when he can’t solve a case. Adam has Chelsea – she adores him – her her take care of him.

Chelsea comes home to find the penthouse empty.

At Society, Devon apologizes for bringing up her relationship with Nate. She’s not sure it’s a relationship and still isn’t used to small town gossip. That’ll happen if you’re dating GC’s most eligible bachelor, Devon adds. No, that’s not him – he’s happily taken (Amanda doesn’t look convinced)

No, Vikki’s not going to blame Billy. If anything, she blames the bee. Their positive conversation, leads to her admitting that she’s no longer mad at him. Billy knows he hasn’t earned her forgiveness – what changed? Vikki thought they’d grow old together and felt cheated. Now, she accepts who they are instead of longing for what they aren’t.

Amanda’s happy to see Devon happy – especially after what she inadvertently out him through because of Collin. He sees a lightness in Nate; a pep in his step thanks to Amanda (who’s left to smile to herself)

Nate and Elena credit one another with the clinic’s success. There’s not enough people in the world like you, she praises.

When Sharon claims that she’s going to get back to her book – unless she hears from Adam, a disappointed Rey pouts his way upstairs. Chelsea comes knocking to ask where Adam is – did something happen during his session? Sharon can’t say without his permission. Chelsea vents – he’s out there maybe having a mental breakdown. Rey comes downstairs – Sharon’s not responsible for Adam, back off. When Sharon asks Chelsea to keep her posted, Chelsea knows she’s scared too – this is getting out of control. Rey’s in the background, hands on his hip, wearing an I told you so expression.