Monday, August 24th, 2020

An anxious Phyllis makes sure the TGP lobby decor is perfect – ready, set, here we go.

On the CL’s patio, Nick prompts Summer to check her email on her phone. She wonders why her Dad looks so handsome and mischievous – and what she’s been invited to?

Nick’s next stop is to see Elena at the clinic – there’s an invite in your email. Oh, hell yes, she reacts as she reads (as Nick leaves)

Hearing that Nikki’s been promoted to COO, Abby congratulates her before excusing herself to take a call. Nick appears at Society to yet again extend an invitation for fun; the perfect escape.

One night of fantasy and indulgence – designed especially for me? Nikki’s skeptical. Keep an open mind, indulge yourself, Nick’s sure his Mom will have an awesome time. He leaves her to discuss the invitation with Abby (who has no desire to find out what Phyllis is up to)

At Power Communication, Traci appreciates Lily’s job offer but isn’t sold. Here comes Nick to invite them both to accept the invitation to a night of indulgence and fantasy.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis receives a text from Nick – mission accomplished. Everything’s coming together, she tells herself.

Nikki arrives at TGP to ask Summer what her Mom’s up to. She’s in the dark too. Put your phone away, Nikki insists this night is to relax. Lily and Traci are next to arrive; also wondering what Phyllis is about to pull off. Elena’s ready for whatever comes. All get a text offering their favourite drink. Amanda’s surprised to bump into Abby – who thinks Phyllis is more inclined to set up an escape room with no escape. Phyllis comes along to promise each lady a unique evening catered to their individual tastes. Let’s get started, shall we?

What is this? Abby breaks from the herd to ask. Phyllis tells Abby to go along with it – in room 207; have fun. ‘The eyes have it’, Abby’s left to ponder the riddle and call Laurence in security for a clue.

Lily and Traci are impressed to find themselves in a suite set up for a tea party – where both would love to share stories about Colleen.

After her first-ever pedicure, Elena’s happy to be doubled up in a suite with Amanda. Both are happy with the way their lives are going (and the men they’re dating) And their hostess is catering to their every whim. There’s a knock at the door – massages!

Lurking around the lobby, Abby now calls someone else on the security team. Perhaps Brian can tell her where Phyllis installed new cameras. Outside room 407, she’s not surprised to hear.

Opening the door to her assigned suite, Nikki’s jaw drops.