YR Spoiler; Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Arriving at TGP, Abby eavesdrops as Phyllis talk on her phone – this has to go off without a hitch – flawless, I’m counting on you. I’ve got to write this down, she leaves the paper on the bar and leaves Abby to pick it up. ‘Stop snooping’ the note reads. Phyllis waves and smirks.

Nick bumps into Kyle at CL’s to hear that Summer’s business trip in Chicago’s going well. Kyle’s busy with the Newman acquisition and selling Jabot Collective to Fenmore’s. No rest for the wicked, Kyle tries to leave. Stick around, Nick orders him to sit down.

At Society, Lola’s miffed that the tasting menu she’s made for Theo doesn’t distract him from his phone. No, he’s not waiting for word on his potential job. Lola takes a seat – we’re both going to stare at your phone. It’ll ring, she’s sure.

Amanda’s at Power Communication to inform Billy that Lily’s all in on hiring Theo. She’s there to draw up his contract. Whoa, not so fast, Billy has concerns. Theo reminds him of himself. And one me is enough.

Abby wasn’t snooping – she’s looking out for her interests and assumes Phyllis has dug herself a financial hole. Phyllis refuses to tell Abby what she’s up to – you can find out with everyone else.

Back at CL’s, Kyle tells Nick that he and Summer have an open relationship. They’re committed to one another but free to pursue other connections. As Nick’s about to go off, Kyle says he’s joking. I probably deserved that Nick admits.

Amanda thinks Billy should hire Theo. So what if he’s like you? You’re not such a bad guy – give yourself a break.

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Still at Society, Theo’s impatient – what’s taking them so long to decide? He’s finally figured out what he wants to do with his life; put together a team of creative writers – give them a platform. He wants to get this job on his merit – they were blown away by his presentation, he could see it. Swearing Lola to secrecy, Theo confides that he wants to do something that matters.

Ripley’s sentencing is soon – it’s about time, Billy comments; knowing this must be nerve-wracking. Amanda would be happy if never sees the light of day again (for her sake and Vikki’s) She wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it weren’t for me. No, Billy feels that if anyone’s to blame, it’s him.

Summer means the world to me, Kyle assures Nick (still chuckling about his prank) I’m a different guy since my break up with Lola. He admits that he always had feelings for Summer – we belong together. Kyle finally knows what it means to love someone.

Lola no longer has any desire to open a restaurant in Miami – she wants to make a name and a life for herself in GC. Theo wants this job at Power Communications so badly – it’s his only option to do what he’s good at in GC. Are you saying you’d move? Lola doesn’t look happy.

Amanda and Billy continue to debate Vikki and what happened at ‘Victor’s ego celebration’. It wasn’t your fault, he insists. Vikki got stabbed because of me, Amanda reiterates. They then reminisce about the friendship they both enjoyed. Amanda then gets a text from Nate (which makes Billy pout)