Tuesday, August 25th 2020

After a glorious shower, Sharon asks Rey to make her an omelet. Chelsea busts in frantic because Adam didn’t come home last night – he may be gone for good!

Meanwhile, an emotional Adam is walking around his childhood home; the farm in Kansas,

You look incredible, Theo compliments Lola when she comes out of the kitchen in a dress, She pleads for a hint to where he’s taking her on this date. It’s near and dear to your heart, is all Theo will say.

At CL’s, Kyle and Summer briefly mention several topics before he asks about the Newman Cosmetics acquisition. Victor can’t be happy about it. Summer doesn’t know (or care) She’s taking Kyle away for some fun but won’t say where.

Summer’s set up a picnic in the park for the man she loves. She wants to spend more romantic time with Kyle.

Chelsea blathers on – Adam took some clothes and left (in whatever state you put him in) Scolded by Rey, Chelsea apologizes – then grills Sharon on where he could be, What do I tell Connor. Sharon and Rey aren’t too worried – he’ll be home soon. After Chelsea leaves, Sharon asks Rey to pack her a bag – then calls Victor – she needs the jet right now.

On their blanket, Summer and Kyle enjoy watching the clouds when the subject of Nick comes up. Summer assumes her Dad was hard on him. No – Nick joked, pretended he was mad. Kyle then played a joke too – he and Summer have an open relationship. Summer’s happy that Kyle and her Dad had a good chat – but there’s another reason she brought Theo to the park.

After overeating at a food truck festival, Lola gushes that she was in food-heaven. Theo’s glad she had a good time and has ‘extravagant plans for their next date. Lola doesn’t need to spend money if she has good company. Food brings people together. Theo agrees.

Sharon’s convinced that Adam went to Kansas. Then why did you let her go searching for him in Vegas? Sharon knows that Rey doesn’t like it but she’s the only one who can help Adam. Rey will only let her go after the approval of a certain someone.

Still lounging on a blanket in the park. Our lives are interwoven, like the thread on this blanket. Nothing can keep us apart. She even saved Lola’s life because Kyle asked. Now, she wants things to be true and equal – building a life together. Let’s move in together, she suggests.

Lola doesn’t want to invite Theo upstairs to the apartment she shared with Kyle – let’s go to your place.

Rey continues to fret about Sharon’s connection to Adam (which broke us up before) Sharon must find Adam and support him through this. OK but Rey wants to come along. Agreeing, Sharon asks him to pack quickly,

Sitting at the table, Adam flashes back to hiding under it when AJ came to harass his Mother. Spreading the lace tablecloth on the table, Adam sits under it.

Chelsea’s now at the ranch gasping that they need to find Adam before they fun out of time.

Chelsea deserves to know where Adam is – she needs to help him. Let’s take the jet to Vegas. She’s then upset to hear that Sharon thinks he’s in Kansas. I should be on that jet – not Sharon. Call the pilot – stop the plane – now.

On the patio, Theo does want Lola to come over – but not tonight. His place is too messy. Lola had two brothers – socks on the floor won’t scare her off. OK, Theo has a great idea – wanna come to my place? I thought you’d never ask, she smiles.

Summer doesn’t care what the world thinks about them. Last time, we were playing house. She wants to come home to Kyle. It’s a huge step, Kyle hesitates. Say something, Summer needs an answer.

Kyle loves Summer when she’s headstrong. She likes to think she’s matured and tempered her impulses. Yes, absolutely, Kyle suggests they go practice cohabitating right now.

Lola waits in the hallway while Theo quickly tidies his suite up. Finally letting Lola in, Theo really likes her. If we do this, it changes everything, There’s no going back. Lola has no interest in paying Kyle back – she wants to be here, with Theo (so locks the door)

In Kyle’s suite, he and Summer undress. This is the right thing to do, Summer tries to sound confident.

Chelsea thinks Adam needs her and Victor. Victor thinks he needs professional help. There’s nothing you or I can do when Adam’s flooded with memories. Chelsea vows not to lose Adam again – over anyone or anything.

Leave my Mother alone, young Adam warns, What are you going to do about it kid? AJ scoffs. Seconds later, he’s laying on the floor with blood seeping out of his head. What have I done? Adam chokes up when Sharon appears.