Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Victor leaves a message for Sharon – asking for an update on Adam.

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s on the phone arranging a babysitter for Connor – she’s not sure how long she’ll be in Kansas.

I remember – I killed him! But Adam won’t leave (as Sharon suggests) He needs to remember everything.

At the clinic, Elena teases Nate about dating Amanda. He sighs with a frown – wondering why she’s asking so many questions about his personal life.

Amanda joins Lily in her office with some contracts that need to be signed. Billy’s in a meeting with Theo. That gives us a chance to talk, Lily says. About what? Billy.

At TGP lobby, Vikki has an idea that will boost the media division ChanceCom just acquired from Newman. This is so big it might even make you famous, she has Billy’s full attention.

Nick joins his distracted Father at Society – and hears what’s wrong; Adam’s in a bad way. He’ll figure out a way to use this trauma to his advantage, Nick’s unsympathetic. Adam’s reeling with the knowledge that he killed a man, Victor points out. Nick doesn’t feel sorry for Adam – he tried to kill you. He DOES feel sorry for Vikki – she’s selling divisions to send you a message (and good for her, Nick approves)

Billy and Vikki discuss what she’s holding over Adam. Perhaps he’s just pretending he doesn’t remember killing a man. This is big, Billy now hears that Alyssa left town. Victor’s found a way to bury her evidence. Why is she bringing this to Billy? It’s good for business and you’re good at this kind of thing. He won’t breathe a word of it – but when it comes out, Victor will guess it was Vikki who blabbed. She’s done trusting her Father to have her back. Disappointed that her recent moves haven’t earned his respect, she still sees Victor as competition (and this is her way of dealing with him)

Memories flooding back, Adam remembers how scared his Mother was. AJ smirked at him – what are you going to do about it, kid? I froze, just stared at him. You were terrified, Sharon assumes. No – it was rage – I wanted him dead.

No, Nate’s not mad at Elena. Yes, maybe a little irritated. Friends share. He’s further annoyed to hear that she’s been talking to Amanda about him. We’re casually dating, Nate doesn’t want to label it. He’s sensitive about ‘happily ever after’. He wants something as good as what Elena has with Devon.

Lily grills Amanda about Billy – you were close friends. Not that close and nothing else was going on, Amanda feels like she’s getting the third degree. If she thought it’d be a problem she wouldn’t have come to work there. Any connection she may have had with Billy is in the past – her commitment is to the company. Lily’s impressed and respects Amanda. They’re on the same page when it comes to tempering Billy’s wild side. On cue, Billy arrives with something huge to announce – a story about Victor and Adam – both are about to go down.