Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

That sounds like a threat to Nikki too. Now that Dan’s delivered his ‘message’, it’s Vikki’s turn. There’s new leadership at NE and she’s not sorry if he feels threatened. You won’t be able to ignore everyone who’s uncomfortable with these changes, Dan warns. Abruptly ending the chat, Vikki and her Mom don’t agree on whether Victor asked Dan to do his dirty work.

After Billy leaves, Amanda notes the sadness in his voice when she overheard him tell Billy that he couldn’t perform miracles all the time. Nate was thinking of some patients he lost, like Caroline and Hilary. He’s surprised to hear that Amanda’s blood type is B negative. You sure about that? Hearing that she has the same blood type as Hilary, Amanda knows what he’s thinking – but no….

Abby wants answers. Surely, Chance isn’t thinking about going to work at the police department. If anyone finds out what happened in Vegas … Chance stands by his decisions; the past is the past. Paul’s giving him a chance to do good. You’re just getting your security company off the ground, Abby feels he’s giving up on it too soon. Also, she doesn’t want to worry about Chance’s safety.

At ChanceCom, Billy goes over the list of writers Theo’s sent him. This guy’s too controversial. We want to stir the pot, not play it safe, Theo points out. Billy will push the limits when the mood strikes.

Chance wants this job, but what does this mean for us? If Chance wants the job, Abby wants it for him. Alyssa arrives – are you Chance Chancellor? No, you don’t know me but we have someone in common – Adam Newman.

If your Father had reservations, he’d tell you face to face, Nikki then shares a secret; something extraordinary at TGP, an exclusive club. You book a room and they create a unique experience. This escape club could be exactly what you need, she tries to convince Vikki.

Back at ChanceCom, Theo promises to tone it down. Not too far down, Billy wants him to bring on talent who can cross the line – but we also need someone who allows us to start fires but won’t let us burn. Amanda, Theo correctly guesses. Sounds like your work relationship is perfect, Theo opines. Almost, Billy agrees.

Closing the door, Nate thinks the bright Amanda must be able to guess what he’s thinking. You grew up in foster care, don’t know your family background, look exactly like Hilary and have the same blood type. He won’t pursue it if Amanda doesn’t want him to.

Alyssa tells Chance and Abby that she and Adam go way back. She’s a journalist looking into a missing person case. You might know something about it, she wants to ask Chance about the time he spent with Adam in Vegas. Sorry, he can’t help, Chance wishes Alyssa good luck on her story – then exits with Abby.

Theo finds Vikki drinking champagne alone at Society’s bar. He won’t say no to helping her put a dent in the bottle. No, he’s not hitting on her – he’s networking. Thanks to you, ChanceCom is already in the game. Director of Talent, she reads Theo’s business card and asks him to join her; chuckling when he asks if she’s hitting on him.

Doubting Nate’s theory is right, Amanda will look into it – what first? She can’t ask Devon for a sample of Hilary’s DNA. You should speak to him, Nate thinks. Right now, Amanda’s going to give blood – then we need to get to work on finding out the truth.