Monday, August 31st, 2020

At the house, Mariah ‘comes on strong’ as she fusses over her Mom – then scolds her for putting Adam’s recovery above her own.

No, Chelsea didn’t summon Victor to the penthouse – but welcomes his support. Adam blathers on about his dark side. Maybe he did want to kill Victor when he tampered with his medication (he is a killer after all)

Tiptoeing into Society, Theo didn’t like how he and Lola left things – I’m sorry.

At CL’s, Summer’s all business with Kyle as she discusses strategy on telling her parents that they’re moving in together.

In her suite, Phyllis can’t decide what to wear for their evening with Summer and Kyle. Nick likes what Phyllis is wearing right now (barely anything) We can be a little late, right?

Arriving at TGP, Summer and Kyle prep themselves for breaking the big news to her parents. Now, where are they?

Getting dressed upstairs, Nick tells Phyllis that he was encouraged by his chat with Kyle the other day – he won’t push Summer too hard, too fast, he’s sure.

You’re not a monster, Chelsea insists. Adam disagrees – and wants his Father to go home. Instead, Victor asks Chelsea to take Connor to the ranch for the night. Fine, she’ll go – but she’s not giving up on this conversation – or Adam.

Sharon wishes Rey hadn’t told Mariah about their trip to Kansas. It was an emergency – I had no choice. Adam’s emergency, Mariah’s more concerned with her Mother’s health – and Adam cost you your relationship with Rey once before. Vowing that won’t happen again, Sharon has things to do. Seconds after Mariah leaves, she grabs her purse, makes sure the coast is clear – and hurries out.

Theo’s sorry he pushed Lola about Kyle – especially after their amazing night together. No big deal, Lola claims they’ve all moved on. Yes, sure, we’re cool – she needs to get back to work. Not looking thrilled that a hungry Theo’s taking a table, she scowls her way to the kitchen and is surprised to find Mariah there. She’d rather not discuss Kyle and Summer. Mariah has something else to discuss – my Mom and your brother.

When Nick and Phyllis finally join them in the hotel lobby, Summer guesses why they’re late and suggests they get some drinks. Yes, lots of drinks, Kyle agrees.

Chelsea and Connor gone, Adam sarcastically wonders if his Dad’s not afraid to be alone with him – knowing what he’s capable of. Victor doesn’t want to see his son suffer. You didn’t save me, Adam sneers – you ruined me.

Mariah frets about her Mother getting sucked into Adam’s drama at the expense of her relationship with Rey. Lola hopes Sharon doesn’t go down the same path her Mom did with her Dad; always caving into him. But, don’t underestimate Rey; he’s a fighter and he loves Sharon. Asked about Theo, Lola comments that he may be right about something she hasn’t wanted to admit.

Back at the penthouse, Victor takes full responsibility for the choices he made that night and didn’t intend to ruin Adam’s life. Adam can’t help but wonder how different his life might be if Victor hadn’t covered up his crime. Maybe he’d have gotten help and not grown up to do horrible things. You had no evil in your heart when you accidentally killed AJ, Victor’s sure. Adam’s not buying any of it.