Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Billy returns to ChanceCom with a beverage for Lily. His meeting went well – the buzz around them buying NE’s media division is electrifying – all the hot talent wants to sign on with us. He then jokes about Jack dropping by to congratulate him. Lily also noted a ‘lightness’ about Billy – she thinks it’s due to Amanda.

In her suite, Amanda hesitates before calling Devon. Nice surprise, he answers as he arrives at Society. There’s something Amanda needs to discuss with him so arranges to meet him there a bit later.

Chelsea calls Adam from the ranch; Connor’s doing well and now at school. Since Adam’s at home, she’ll get her stuff together and see him soon. I won’t be here, Adam says – look after Connor. Don’t leave! Hung up on and heading for the exit, Chelsea growls at Victor that she’ll be the one to see Adam through this, not Sharon.

Billy’s only building a working relationship with Amanda based on their mutual trust. Lily thinks it a bit more than the friend zone; there’s an obvious attraction there. Amanda’s dating my cousin, she reminds. Billy makes a good point – he’s well behaved with Lily and they share a lot more history. Touche, she admits.

Nikki comes home hoping to have lunch with Victor. Mentioning Dan’s virtual meeting with Vikki, she thinks he’ll be contacting Victor soon. His morning? Victor’s spent it worrying about Adam (who plans to leave town again)

Adam!? Adam!? Frantic upon finding the penthouse empty, Chelsea calls his cell. Ignoring the call, Adam knocks on Sharon’s door. Noah, I uh …. didn’t realize you were in town. Noah blocks the door – you shouldn’t be here.

Having let Adam in, Noah (visiting on his way to his art exhibition in San Fransisco) has been updated by his Dad, so makes it very clear that Adam shouldn’t distract Sharon from battling cancer. Sharon appears to ask Noah to give them a moment and once alone with Adam, asks if he’s OK.

Nikki doesn’t think Adam strong enough to deal with reliving his childhood trauma (she knows, firsthand, how overwhelming that is) He’s stubborn and may never accept your help. Victor won’t give up on Adam but agrees they should focus on Connor’s wellbeing; to be a reliable source of love and security so he won’t be scarred by his Dad abandoning him again.

Taking a seat at Society, Amanda thanks Devon for seeing her. Noticing that she’s nervous, he wonders which charity he’ll be writing a cheque to. Amanda needs to talk to Devon about something personal – what day was Hilary born?

Nikki’s arranged to have lunch served outside. Victor’s still thinking about what she said about Connor. Chelsea bursts in to update that Adam’s taken his bags and gone. She blames Sharon, and Victor (who shouldn’t have covered up for Adam, but since he did, should have taken that secret to his grave)

Adam’s mind is spinning – he can’t stay at the penthouse with Chelsea and Connor (who will be scared when seeing his Father fall apart) I owe them that much. You’re not falling apart, you’re brave to face your past and will need Chelsea, Sharon gently coaches. No, Adam must be alone – it’s what’s best for everyone. He’ll only tell Sharon where he’s going if she promises not to tell anyone; not Rey, Victor or Chelsea.

Amanda informs Devon that she’s the same rare blood type as Hilary. She doesn’t know her parents or her date of birth (abandoned as a newborn, her birthday was estimated to be July 2nd) Hilary’s was July 1st, Devon gives startling news.