Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

I expect to hear from you by the end of the day, Vikki hangs up on an employee and is surprised to find Nikki in her office. She hopes her daughter is in a good mood – it’s about to be put to the test.

Arriving at ChanceCom, Amanda tells Billy to check his email – a general memo containing guidelines to pass along to all writers and producers for the new platform – to protect the company from litigation. Billy bristles at the idea of rules and regulations.

In TGP lobby, a flirtatious Chance warns Abby to stay out of trouble while he goes for a meeting. Immediately seeing that Chance left his phone behind, Abby takes a selfie and adds a saucy caption. She’s about to put the phone down when a text from Paul comes in – we need to talk ASAP.

Told not to take it personally, Billy’s sarcasm falls flat so he insists he likes rules. When I cross the line you’ll have my back for the good of the company. ‘The edge’ is where the fun is. Yes, Amanda remembers sitting on the ledge of a building, screaming their lungs out. Billy ends her smile by hinting that it’s good things didn’t work out between them. Amanda’s off to the clinic; Nate’s running a blood drive. Good, Billy will take her.

When Chance returns from a very short meeting, Abby babbles that she wasn’t snooping but saw Paul’s text. Are you in trouble? What does he want? Probably just to touch base. Abby worries Paul may have found out what happened in Vegas.

As Nikki watches on, Vikki’s on a video call with Dan (in New York) Agreeing they had some good (and lucrative) times with mergers and acquisitions, Dan suggests it might not be too late to undo all the damage she’s done.

At the clinic, Billy agrees to leave – just as soon as he’s donated blood (to thank Nate for treating Katie for the bee sting) Amanda smiles and shakes her head as Billy follows Nate into the exam room.

Sure Victor’s lawyers could fix what Vikki’s done, Dan recalls many late working/tequila/cigar nights discussing what a great leader Vikki would be someday. But even the best CEO’s make mistakes. Nikki chimes in – it takes time to see results. Dan now warns Vikki that he’s heard rumblings of discontent – without the support of the people working beneath you, you have nothing. That sounds like a threat to Vikki.

Back at TGP, Abby’s sure that Paul means business. Naw, he’s a gruff guy – this isn’t about Vegas, Chance sees only one way to find out. Abby’s left to worry.

Putting his jacket back on, Billy praises the good work Nate’s doing with Elena – Katie thinks you’re a superhero. Nate’s suddenly grim about not being able to save everyone, no matter how hard you try.

Chance returns to the hotel to update that Paul wants to hire him. A senior Detective’s retiring and Rey’s reduced his workload. Paul needs someone who can hit the ground running ASAP. Abby disapproves – Paul wouldn’t hire you if he knew about your criminal past. You aren’t considering saying ‘yes’, are you??