Friday, September 4th, 2020

Nikki’s glad to hear that her daughter’s so energized by her work but cautions that she might become overwhelmed. You’re doubting me, Vikki pouts. No, Nikki (and Victor by the way) have full confidence in her. I’m so proud of you and relieved you’re no longer in your Father’s shadow. You’re winning the race – Nikki just wants to make sure Vikki crosses the finish line.

If Chance really wants to help, he can go find Adam. He’s gone because he’s dealing with something terrible, is all Chelsea will say. Once we find him we can figure out what to do next. You can count on me, Chance vows.

Chelsea’s worried about you, Sharon tells Adam that she lied to her – and is also keeping his secret from Rey, and Noah … You need to sleep. Adam can’t. Sharon will help him – lay down and clear your mind. It’s going to work. She can see Adam barely has the strength to stand up – what can it hurt to lie down?

Done discussing music and movies, Billy and Theo now bond over baseball; Cubs vs. Brewers. Enjoying himself, Theo tells his boss that he has nowhere else to be.

Lola tips the plate of food she prepared for Theo into the garbage and marches out to the bar – where she meets Noah. After both glance over at Summer, Lola mutters ‘enjoy your stay’ and hurries off to do paperwork. Joining Summer, Noah attributes Lola’s unfriendliness to her.

‘Adam’, Sharon gently says. Getting no response, she walks over to the bed to watch him sleep.

Finally arriving at Society, Theo apologizes for being late but was on an incredible roll with Billy – we’re on the same page with almost everything. Is something wrong? Lola gripes about him not texting her. Theo didn’t realize they’d set a firm time for lunch. Are you mad? Just drop it – talk to you later, Lola marches off.

Vikki calls Billy to ask that he take care of the kids. Sure, he hopes she enjoys whatever it is she’s doing. Vikki ends the call to look at the red envelope.

Chance assures Chelsea that he’ll find Adam without anyone even knowing he’s looking. I’ll be in touch. Chelsea sits alone to sigh.

Adam awakens with a start to find himself alone in his motel room.

At CL’s, Sharon gets a call. Worried that she has to come in for the results of her pathology report, she wants to be there as soon as possible.