Friday, September 4th, 2020

Sharon’s happy to have Noah home but wanting him to live his life, lists her support team. Rey’s at work but Sharon’s to call him if her test results come in. Receiving a text, Sharon tells Noah that it’s not Adam (but doesn’t say it’s Chelsea asking if she’s heard from him) Sorry – Sharon hasn’t.

Chelsea’s about to leave the penthouse when Chance arrives – also looking for Adam.

Answering a call from Adam, Sharon tells Noah that it’s a barista from CL’s, she has an emergency to go check in on (Adam tells Sharon that he hasn’t slept since leaving her place and needs to talk to her; so off she goes)

Things are all business at the office between Vikki and her Mother – until Vikki comes across a red envelope addressed to her in fancy script. Some might call it an escape, Nikki teases.

On the phone with Lola, Theo’s easily enticed to come work at Society (since Billy and Lily are out of the office) Table for two? she hangs up to ask Summer. No – Kyle’s away on business. When Summer’s surprised that Theo isn’t there, Lola says ‘give him time – he likes what’s here’.

Nikki enthusiastically promotes Phyllis’ exclusive escape club. Working 24/7 isn’t a recipe for success – just ask your Father. That gives Vikki an opening to rant about Victor always putting Adam first. She feels more exhilarated than she has in a long time. No escape necessary, let’s get back to work.

Chelsea claims that she and Adam are just going through a rough patch – as couples do. Also unable to reach Adam, Chance thinks it best he stays off the grid for a while. There’s a reporter in town digging into what went down with him and Adam in Vegas. We both know what she might find. That’s the last thing we need, Chelsea’s even more worried.

Sharon’s at the motel to counsel Adam; who refuses to go back home to Chelsea. I’m a killer – maybe I DO belong in a cage. Victor knew what I’d done when he framed me. Adam’s re-examining his life – no one can help, not even Sharon. He’s in the eye of a cyclone.

At Society, Noah whines to Summer that Adam’s been pestering his Mom. What else is going on? Both are skeptical that Dad and Phyllis will last. Some would say the same about you and Kyle, Noah points out. Yes, his ex works here – yes, she’s with Summer’s ex but she deserves better than Theo; he’s not the most reliable guy.

In the kitchen, Lola sends a text – she’s working on a little surprise for Theo. But when Billy returns to ChanceCom eager to bounce around some ideas, Theo ignores his phone and follows.

Adam wouldn’t have called Sharon if he’d given up. Why did he call her? Because you know how to make me feel better. That’s not how therapy works, Sharon points out. Adam’s not talking about therapy – we’ve helped each other survive the impossible. Things are different now – I’m different now, Sharon can’t save Adam. Work with me – acknowledge that there’s a path to follow out of this, she implores. If you can do that, I’m in.

Looking mildly annoyed that Theo hasn’t replied to her, Lola gets back to cooking.

Questioning her behavior recently, Chance wants Chelsea to be straight with him – what aren’t you telling me?

Adam thinks it best if Sharon does leave. Listing everyone he’s hurt, he called HER because he might have to
learn to live with who he is – and must leave everyone he loves for their own protection. He can hurt them a little bit now or hurt them a whole lot eventually.