Monday, September 7th, 2020

A knock at the door awakens Adam. How did Chance find him? This is what I do, man. Chelsea didn’t come to him – Chance went to her. Why? Because he needs to talk – you have a serious problem my friend.

Rey comes home with groceries to ask Sharon if everything’s OK. She’s not sure – she’s on her way to the doctor’s office to get the pathology results – alone.

Theo’s back at Society because he got a weird vibe from Lola earlier. She’s busy. He’ll wait. Suit yourself, she heads to the kitchen.

This news could be big. Yes, that’s why Sharon wants to go alone. Rey reminds of all the reasons they agreed he should go with her – another set of ears, note-taker, dinner afterward. Let me go, he all but pleads.

At CL’s, Elena’s surprised to hear that Nate’s the one who suggested Amanda do a DNA test – both will understand if Devon’s not comfortable handing over a sample of Hilary’s DNA. They then get texts from Devon, wanting to meet – looks like he’s made his decision.

Not happy to see Theo sitting at the bar, Lola seems relieved to get a call from Abby that sends her back to the kitchen to send an email.

You’re a popular guy – Chance describes the reporter looking for Adam (to tie him to the guy missing in Vegas) Doesn’t seem like she’ll back off. Adam should have asked for help instead of taking off. He doesn’t want Chance’s help.

Sharon’s dreamt of how this might go; the good and the bad. She wants to focus on what the doctor says – not on Rey’s reaction. I’ll be fine. Yes, Rey will be here when she gets home. Clearly disappointed, he takes the groceries into the kitchen without a further word – leaving Sharon to look worried.

Sorry for the lack of proofreading/spellcheck. It’s a long weekend so I forgot the show was even on! Be safe everyone!

After some soul searching, Devon’s brought a bag to CL’s. He took Elena’s advice to follow his heart. Hilary would want me to give you this. He hands Nate a box containing enough ‘material’ to determine whether she was Amanda’s sister. Elena looks deeply troubled.

Devon hopes the box he found in a closet, that contains Hilary’s comb etc. will help. He felt like he belonged when he found out he was Katherin’s grandson. Hilary wanted to belong too. Nate thinks that beautiful. Amanda will feel the same way, he leaves.

Theo wants to fix this but can’t until he knows what’s wrong. Lola doesn’t appreciate being blown off. Theo was there all day, every day but after taking things to ‘the next level’ can’t even be bothered to send a text. I don’t want to be around you right now, she takes a seat. Everything OK? Rey joins her to ask. Theo’s not as thoughtful as her older brother (who’s there to pick up dinner for Sharon) It’s not always easy being with a strong-willed woman, he admits.

Rey? Coming home to an empty house, Sharon opens the envelope to read her results. It doesn’t appear to be good news.

Now in the kitchen, Rey confides to Lola that Sharon insisted on going to see her oncologist alone. He hopes their prayers have been answered but is scared. Things could get a lot better, or worse. We’ll get through it, he vows.

Holding hands across the table, Devon thanks Elena for helping him to make the right decision. He sympathizes with Amanda – any uncomfortableness he feels is worth it. Elena rewards her thoughtful boyfriend with a kiss but after he leaves, doesn’t look so ‘understanding’.

Go find someone who needs your help – Adam’s fine and just wants to be alone. Taking a seat, Chance isn’t going anywhere and wants to know if Adam walking out on his fiancee and son to stay in this bedbug-infested no-tell motel has anything to do with the reporter. Knock knock. ‘I did not expect that’ Chance says as he opens the door to let Sharon in. I won’t tell Chelsea, Chance leaves looking disgusted. He thinks we’re having an affair, Sharon states. Adam thinks that’s for the best.

Summoned to the park by Elena, Nate’s puzzled as to why she can’t believe Devon’s going through with this. He said he wouldn’t do it if it bothered me. Nate’s not sure why she’s insecure. Don’t you see where this could lead? Elena frets that Devon’s strong feelings for Hilary could transfer to her twin sister. They already bonded over their common background in foster care! Nate coaches her to take a deep breath and relax.

Rey’s happy that Mariah was able to meet him at the house. She understands his frustration and doesn’t think he should go looking for Sharon just because her doctor’s appointment took a bit longer than expected.

Sharon DOES think it a big deal that Chance thinks they’re having an affair. He might tell Abby – she’ll tell Nick. Maybe Adam doesn’t care about her relationship with Rey but what about Chelsea? Adam trusts Chance to keep it quiet. Raising her voice, Sharon’s frustrated that Adam has choices (while some don’t) I can’t help you anymore, she concludes.

Don’t turn your back on me, Adam’s grateful and doesn’t trust anyone like he does Sharon. I would never hurt you. Rey’s a good man who stood by me – you don’t know what my life’s like, Sharon doesn’t like the idea of sneaking around in a motel. Rey wouldn’t like it. Tell him if he needs to know but don’t abandon me – I need you, Adam pleads. Wishing him good luck, Sharon leaves.

Rey’s so distracted with his phone that he’s not paying attention to Mariah’s long-winded story (of being recognized as half of ‘Terriah’) While Mariah’s making tea, Rey finds and reads Sharon’s pathology results – and when Mariah rejoins him, he’s decided it might be best if he’s here alone when Sharon comes home.

Now sitting at the bar at TGP, Theo sends Lola a text – he doesn’t like the way they left things. Lola replies immediately that she’s tired and going to ‘crash’ now. With a huff, Theo sips his drink.

Still at the park, Nate reassures Elena that Devon’s devoted to her – and Amanda just wants to know where she came from. Elena knows she’s being irrational – but things will change if the DNA results go the way she thinks they will.

Alone in his motel room, Adam looks ready to cry.

You weren’t here when I came home, Sharon says when she walks in the door. Rey’s sorry – he knows the results. It will be OK. Sharon sits on the step crying as Rey watches helplessly.