Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Nick finds Phyllis working on something big that she can’t discuss just yet – it’s a game-changer.

Paul invited us to lunch with him and Christine, Chance tells Abby. Don’t turn around, he adds. Ignoring him, Abby wonders why Alyssa’s at Society – why is she following you?

How is this ‘getting involved’? Billy just expressed concern. Amanda feels he took it a step further by mentioning the man she’s dating. Looking into whether she’s Hilary’s sister is HER call, not Nate’s and definitely not YOURS.

Devon’s on the CL’s patio, again looking at the wedding photo on his phone. What are you looking at? Elena joins him to ask.

Devon admits that he wasn’t forthcoming when Elena asked what he was looking at on his phone. Amanda asked him to help her find out if her resemblance to Hilary is a coincidence.

Amanda likes working with her friend Billy – but our days of commiserating over drinks are over. Things between us need to stay professional. Lily appears to ask if the negotiation’s over – or does she need to weigh in.

Phyllis doesn’t want to jinx her idea by sharing it with Nick. Yes, he can charm it out of her, but not right now. I have to get back to work.

Chance doesn’t think Alyssa knows what happened in Vegas or she wouldn’t be sniffing around. Trust me, he goes over to find out what she’s after.

At the park, Nick’s not happy to hear that Adam stopped by to see Sharon; who insisted on seeing him. Nick knows that Adam only cares about himself. How can we stop him? Noah asks.

As Abby eavesdrops from the bar, Chance apologizes for not having time to talk the other day. Alyssa knows he’s withholding something about the man missing in Vegas. Chance admits she’s right – he hasn’t been completely honest with her.

Everything’s settled, Amanda just wanted to make sure they were on the same page before she goes out of town. Lily will send her some more contracts – bon voyage. Bye Billy. Now alone, Billy assures Lily that he wasn’t just blowing smoke. Prove it, Lily challenges.

No, Devon doesn’t think Amanda’s trying to make a claim against Hilary’s estate. He recognized the emotion in her eyes and knows what it’s like trying to learn where you came from. How does Elena feel about it? Overwhelmed. This could be a big deal – you might feel like you have part of Hilary back. Devon reassures Elena – if she doesn’t want him to help Amanda, he won’t.

Billy’s never denied that he and Amanda have a history – she misconstrued something and it’s been worked out. To prove himself, Billy pulls out his phone to sign onto a dating app.

Nate drops by Amanda’s suite to hear that she put Billy in his place. She’s done her DNA sample but isn’t sure Devon’s onboard. Nate worries – we can’t push him. Sorry, but you may never get your questions answered.

Back at Society, Chance tells Alyssa that the missing man was involved in a money laundering case that he can’t discuss because the investigation’s ongoing. Convenient, Alyssa’s skeptical.

Phyllis marches over to the bar wanting to discuss her future – which may not include Abby. Following her eyes, she wonders why Abby’s so worried about super stud over there.