Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Nick warns Noah that the harder they try to get rid of Adam, the harder he pushes back. Your Mom wants to help him – Adam feels she’s the only one who can help him. Nick doesn’t want Noah to go against Adam – he doesn’t fight fair and it never ends well.

Working on his dating profile, Billy’s tired of cuddly with his Chinese takeout containers. This was your idea, he reminds Lily – you wanted me to stop playing Amanda’s hero. Lily doesn’t believe for a minute that Billy’s having fun with this.

Told to mind her own business, Phyllis comments on the intense conversation Chance is having. Meanwhile, Chance has done a bit of investigating on Alyssa. Both dig for info – she questions his career change. He wishes her good luck (having told her everything he knows) At the bar, Chance immediately sends Adam a ‘we need to talk’ text.

Noah beats himself up for not being around to protect his Mom from Adam. She wanted you to live your life – and so does Nick. We’ve got this covered, he asserts.

Billy insists that he’s having a blast. Lily’s not buying it – she’s been where he is (and swore off relationships after her break up with Cane) Both of us want to be with someone and believe it IS worth the risk.

If Devon won’t help, Nate will find other options. Amanda won’t pressure him and knows it was hard for Devon to lose Hilary. And their unborn child, Nate has Amanda in tears with the story of Devon marrying Hilary on her deathbed. He worried Devon would never heal. Amanda then tells Nate that her birthday and Hilary’s were only a day apart.

Despite Devon really wanting her to weigh in, Elena can’t tell him not to do this. Follow your heart – what does it tell you to do?

Billy and Lily continue to debate relationships then decide to go get something to eat.

Nate wishes there was more he could do. Amanda appreciates his support on this journey. Perhaps Devon will provide a sample while she’s away on business and she’ll come home to a whole new family history.

Still on the patio, Devon’s not sure what to do. Think about it – if the answer’s no, it’s OK, Elena gives love and clarity – what would I do without you? When he goes in for a refill, Elena sighs as she glances at the wedding photo on Devon’s phone.

Noah now wants to talk about his Dad reconciling with Phyllis – again. You two tend to get a bit crazy. We’ve got that out of our system, Nick chuckles – from now on, he and Phyllis will be crazy in the best possible way.

Chance reports back to Abby that he isn’t sure he handled Alyssa. She’s tenacious and won’t give up. Phyllis listens and watches with interest.

Next week: Rey opens an envelope from Sharon’s oncologist … Nick gets a text – it’s from Rey… Devon has a box for Nate – there should be enough DNA in here to tell if Amanda and Hilary were sisters.