Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Billy’s surprised to see Lily at ChanceCom – so soon after the conference. As he babbles on, she asks him to stop talking.

Nick and Summer are at Society for a family dinner (with Kyle out of town) Appearing with menus and hearing that Phyllis will be joining them, Abby leads them to their favourite table.

Still in her suite, Phyllis is on the phone and all excited about a big money transfer – how long before all my ducks are in a row? I could kiss you – that’s exactly what I want to hear.

I was doing so well after the surgery – and now the cancer’s spread, a teary Sharon apologizes to Rey – I feel I’ve let you all down. Nothing could be further from the truth, Rey reassures.

Alyssa – what a surprise! Chelsea fakes friendliness. Adam? He’s out of town on business doing a hush hush deal she shouldn’t be telling a reporter. Alyssa is a crime reporter – so unless Adam’s committed crimes …. Noooooo, Chelsea forces a laugh.

The news could have been worse, Sharon and Rey agree. But it’s not great either – they didn’t get all the cancer; it’s spread to the lymph nodes. I can’t do this, Sharon’s defeated and weepy. Rey has enough faith for them both – I’m here for you.

At Society, Summer whines to Nick about the contractor working on their house and reports that things are going really well with Kyle.

It’s best the story doesn’t get published – leave the past in the past, Chelsea pushes. Alyssa went back to Kansas because she agreed with Chelsea but has now changed her mind.

Billy and Lily start their day with some banter before getting down to business. Having met some women of colour at the conference, Lily wants to hire a diverse team. Billy thinks them a good example of diversity. Lily thinks they need to have a little chat.

Chelsea doesn’t see the point in bringing all this up again – but that decision should be made by Alyssa and Adam – can you wait a few days? You’re every bit a con artist as Adam, Alyssa sees right through her.

Over drinks at Society, Summer plans to cherish every moment with Kyle (but can tell her Dad’s still skeptical) She had her doubts about Nick and Phyllis reconciling – but seeing his face light up when her Mom walks in is adorable. After a flirty glance at Nick, Phyllis approaches Abby – she has good news.

Phyllis has pulled together the funds to buy Abby’s shares of TGP – 20 years ahead of schedule and not a loan from Nick. Not believing her, Abby thinks it sounds like one of her escape club fantasies. The club helped but Phyllis found another lender. Abby will believe it when she sees the money in her account. Joining Summer and Nick, Phyllis won’t say what just happened – she’s more interested in an update on Sharon.

Sharon vents to a supportive Rey. She has such high hopes for today’s appointment – that she’d be able to move on cancer-free – normal. Rey’s sure she’ll one day hear that – it’ll happen.