Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Alyssa knows Adam never intended to publish her story – he used it to blackmail a CEO position from his Father. Chelsea insists that Adam knows it was wrong – he stepped down from the company. Alyssa’s not buying it – Adam lost leverage when he learned that HE killed my Father. And soon everyone else will know too.

You can’t talk to Adam – all his memories came flooding back and he took off. If you know the whole story, you know that he was just a little kid protecting his Mother. No, no, AJ’s death wasn’t incidental – Adam’s suffering as much as you want him too. If you publish this, think of what it’ll do to Adam – and Connor. Alyssa looks conflicted.

Sharon must now think about reconstructive surgery. The lumpectomy wasn’t too invasive but the next procedure will be. Rey will help Sharon carry this weight one piece at a time.

There’s so much talent out there – we can’t wait for them to come to us, Lily suggests a college outreach? Writers of bloggers with a following? There’s a lot of voices out there we need to listen to. Billy saw systemic racism when he was building homes after Katrina and wants to be an ally – with Lily’s guidance.

Phyllis tells Nick that she borrowed enough money to buy Abby out – I’ll soon be the sole owner of The Grand Phoenix. Your sister and I are going our separate ways. It’ll be hard giving up yanking her chain every day, Phyllis wonders if that’s mean. Nick then frowns at his phone – a text from Rey.

Rey’s sent a text out to Team Sharon; the results were a mixed bag. Basically, don’t call us we’ll call you. Sharon’s to take as much time as she needs to absorb this. You’re calling the shots. I’m not though – the cancer’s in charge, Sharon feels like she has no control.

Lily talks a bit about what she’s faced – people asking her ethnicity – same with her kids.

Alyssa isn’t falling for Chelsea using the Connor card. Next comes a threat – you signed a DNA, Chelsea reminds. No contract can prevent me from factually reporting on crime, Alyssa stands firm. Chelsea points out that AJ got what he deserved for threatening a blind woman and her son – oops sorry. Alyssa now sees exactly what type of person Chelsea is. Whoa, what’s going on here? Chance arrives at the penthouse.

Nick updates Phyllis that Rey doesn’t want everyone going over – sounds like Sharon had a setback. After Nick leaves, Summer rejoins her Mom to hear that Sharon got her lab results back and they don’t sound good.

After a bowl of soup, Sharon asks for some of the cherry crumble Faith made for her. When Rey goes to the kitchen, she sends Adam a text saying she didn’t abandon him and will help him through this.

Lily and Billy set their sights on a candidate with a huge social outreach – think he’ll want to work here? Of course, we’re ChanceComn, Lily reminds her partner.

Alyssa’s also looking into what happened in Vegas – Adam’s crimes will be exposed. After Alyssa leaves, Chance has lots of questions (that Chelsea can’t answer) She only wants to know whether he found Adam.