YR Spoiler; Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Chance is at the penthouse to find out what he’s dealing with here. Ignoring his questions, Chelsea asks Chance what HE’S hiding from HER.

Adam’s surprised when Sharon shows up at his motel room to apologize for the way she left – she never told anyone where he is (and didn’t tell Rey where she was going) Sharon has no control over what happens to her – helping Adam is her choice; please, let me do that.

At the ranch, Victor updates Nikki that Alyssa’s back looking for revenge on Adam – for killing her Father. He warned her that he’ll come at her twice as hard and now regrets telling Adam what really happened that day.

You have to focus on your own recovery, Adam assures Sharon that he can get through this without here. Leave, he yanks open the door. Shouldn’t what I want count? Sharon argues.

At CL’s, Rey gives Mariah the bad news – surgery didn’t remove all of the cancer; Sharon will need more treatment. Why isn’t he with her? Sharon said she needed to clear her head (but his gut tells him that she’s with Adam) Stop me from doing something I’ll regret.

Chance found Adam – he’s fine. But never mind where he is, what does Alyssa want? He can’t help them without answers. Trust me to act in Adam’s best interest. OK, Chelsea confides that Adam killed Alyssa’s Father, Victor covered it up.

Having seen the light on in Vikki’s office, Nick’s dropped by to chat. He and Phyllis are doing ‘awesome’. She and Billy are co-parenting the kids. Period. Have you and Dad made peace? No.

Nikki’s surprised that Victor’s second-guessing, and punishing himself. He wishes he dealt with things differently. Adam didn’t have two parents who loved him. Victor wishes he’d been around to Father him. Nikki won’t hear of it.

Adam shrugs – I can’t be fixed. Sharon thinks no one’s beyond saving. This isn’t just about you. Confiding that the cancer’s spread, she insists on helping Adam.

Mariah sits Rey down for some reassurance. Her Mom may not even have seen Adam since the trip to Kansas. Rey’s not so sure – Sharon’s lost hope. He wants to be her rock; the man she turns to.

Sharon doesn’t need saving and didn’t come over to cry. Be and feel however you want with me, Adam invites. She wants to help him find the right path. He’d do anything to take this away.

Chance sits as he absorbs the news that Adam just found out that he killed AJ (thanks to Victor) Chelsea must bring him home. Chance now understands why Adam’s acting a bit ‘squirrely’ – and he wasn’t alone, he blabs.

Rey can’t just erase these thoughts from his head. Sharon loves you, Mariah’s sure she wouldn’t jeopardize their relationship. And Adam wouldn’t risk his with Chelsea and Connor.