Friday, September 11th, 2020

You’re Father has regrets about covering for Adam and not being there for him as a boy. Nikki adds that Alyssa’s back and out for blood. Victor’s furious. Vikki agrees that Adam would have turned out the same way regardless but is disgruntled that her Father doesn’t care about her feelings as much as he does Adam’s.

Jack won’t let Billy evade his questions. I haven’t crossed any lines – yet, Billy finally confides that he’s onto a big story. It’s about justice, secrets revealed – involving a Newman. Jack doesn’t need to hear more – don’t do this.

Your Father’s human; he has doubts, he’s vulnerable, especially where Adam’s concerned, Nikki continues – their relationship is complicated and intense. One day you’ll understand, she snaps about fighting to keep family together. Quickly apologizing, Nikki claims she’s tired and goes home.

Inside, Jack stops Billy from sharing details of this story – going against the Newmans will be the end of ChanceCom, not the beginning. Think about Vikki, he implores. She won’t be caught in the crosshairs, Billy promises. Jack’s frustrated that he won’t walk away from this.

Adam’s sorry; he’d have stuck around if he knew Chelsea was going to come to the motel. He’s also sorry that Sharon had to hide in the bathroom so as not to complicate things for Adam. He offers a third apology for blurring the lines between them. No, it was me – we’re both emotional right now, Sharon acknowledges their bond – but it won’t happen again. I told Rey everything. Well, not everything. No, he didn’t take it well. He’s been amazing to me and deserves better. Yes, Sharon’s going to try fix things with him. That’s why she wanted to talk to Adam tonight – I can’t treat you anymore. Adam understands – focus on getting healthy. I need Rey, Sharon reminds that she’s fighting for her life. Adam’s sorry he dragged her into this. No, you matter to me – you always will, Sharon gushes.

Kyle finally lets Summer open her eyes to present her with a ring he made. It’s official. It’s perfect, Summer slips it on.

You’re still here, Lola again grumbles when Theo comes into the kitchen. He was kidding earlier but yes, it does bring him a small amount of joy to be dating Kyle’s ex. Lola thought she meant more to Theo than a way to get back at Kyle. You should leave. He does.

Think about what I said, Jack leaves Billy to inform Vikki that Alyssa’s gunning for Adam. No, he wasn’t able to hire her – yet. Good, Vikki’s an ally and will handle any blowback. No, she has no intention of giving her Father another chance.

You need your rest, Adam stands to leave. Sharon hopes he’ll contact one of the therapists she recommended – and Chelsea will be there for you. Adam knows that but wants to find his own way through this. Don’t worry about me, take care of yourself, he leaves. Sharon opens the door as Adam starts his car.